In response to criticism over his kissing a young Indian child on the lips and telling him to suck his tongue, Dalai Lama has issued an apology. Following the rapid spread of video of the strange encounter, which took place last month at an event for India’s M3M Foundation, the spiritual leader’s office issued a statement.

Dalai Lama expressed his regrets

In the statement, he expressed regret for any harm his words may have caused the youngster and his family. According to the statement, He frequently teases kids in a harmless and lighthearted manner, even in front of cameras and in public. He also expresses remorse for the encounter.

Was the 14th Dalai Lama only having fun with the Indian boy?

The youngster in the video approaches the microphone and requests to hug the 14th Dalai Lama. The 87-year-old asks him to join him on stage and he accepts. The child hugs and kisses the Dalai Lama after the man gestures to his cheek.

  • He turns to face the youngster while still holding the boy’s arm, pointing to his lips and requesting a kiss. After that, the boy gets kissed on the mouth by the spiritual leader as the crowd laughs.
  • The 14th Dalai Lama motions with his tongue out and encourages the boy to suck his tongue. The child sticks out his tongue for a split second before pulling away as they press their foreheads together, and the Dalai Lama gives him a friendly slap on the chest while laughing.
  • He then gives the youngster spiritual guidance, instructing him to look to the good people who bring about peace and happiness rather than those who are constantly killing others.

People’s reaction to this disturbing Interaction

Media worldwide reported that the video sparked controversy with some calling it creepy, disgusting, and inappropriate. While his followers believed he was “joking around” with the child.

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Even if the 14th Dalai Lama intended it to be a fun gesture to the youngster, it is clear to everyone’s eyes that this action is extremely inappropriate. It’s necessary for well-known people to act in a way that shows they are sensitive to their behavior. Particularly when speaking to the media, when this could result in their names being tarnished by a joke or, in this instance, could come across as filthy humor.

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