The Tragic Disappearance of Charles and Charley Morris: A Father and Son Kayaking Adventure Gone Awry. It’s been four long days since Charles Morris and his son Charley Morris were last seen kayaking on Beaver Lake near Lost Bridge. The Benton County Sheriff’s Office launched a search and rescue mission on March 16th, but harsh weather conditions forced them to suspend their efforts. Now, the search has been reclassified as a recovery mission.

  • LATEST UPDATE: As of April 9, 2023

    • Chuck Morris, the drummer for Lotus, and his son Charley’s bodies have recently been discovered after a month-long search. The bodies were ultimately discovered, according to a statement released by the authorities on Sunday, April 9th, 24 days after they were reported missing.
    • The bodies of Charles Morris IV (Chuck-Father) and Charles Morris V (Charley-Son) have been found after 24 days of recovery attempts, according to the Benton Country Sheriff’s Office, thanks to technology and everyone’s efforts.

    • According to Jennifer Thompson (Chuck Morris’ wife), the two probably drowned in Beaver Lake’s freezing water. The assumption was verified when search dogs made contact close to the supposed drowning scene.
      • On March 16, the guys paddled out in the kayaks despite the chilly water, strong currents, and high waves.
      • Rescue personnel spent days using helicopters, drones, sonar, and dogs to scour the area. Neighbors also used their personal boats to help.

Who are Charles and Charley Morris?

Charles Morris, 47, is a well-known percussionist in the instrumental jam band scene, playing with Lotus, a group that boasts members from across the United States. Hailing from Kansas City, Morris is a father of two and an active member of his community. His son, Charley Morris, 20, was with his father on their kayaking trip when they disappeared.

The Search Efforts

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office has spared no expense in its efforts to locate the missing father and son. They have searched tirelessly in the area where the pair was last seen, and their efforts have not been in vain. Authorities have found one of the kayaks and a jacket, as well as a hat that they believe belonged to the Morris family. However, the search has yet to yield any sign of Charles and Charley.

A Community United

The disappearance of Charles and Charley Morris has sent shockwaves through their community, with many rallying together to offer support. The band Lotus, with whom Charles Morris performs, has created a GoFundMe page that has raised nearly $60,000 for the family. The outpouring of love and support is a testament to the impact that Charles and Charley have had on those around them.

Hope Against the Odds

Despite the grim outlook of the search and rescue mission being reclassified as a recovery mission, authorities remain hopeful. Lieutenant Shannon Jenkins of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office stated that they “don’t want to give up” and will continue to do everything they can to bring Charles and Charley home. The community echoes this sentiment, keeping the Morris family in their thoughts and prayers.


The disappearance of Charles and Charley Morris has left their community in a state of shock and sadness. As the search and rescue mission transitions to a recovery mission, their loved ones hold out hope for closure. The Morris family, their friends, and the band Lotus are grateful for the outpouring of support and kindness that they have received during this difficult time. As the search for Charles and Charley Morris continues, the community remains united in its efforts to bring them home.

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