2022 AAA awards performances
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AAA Awards 2022 was held successfully in Nagoya, Japan. This was the first offline ceremony in two years post-Covid-19 and it was rich with 35 singers and 18 actors in their lineup.

There were many entertaining performances tonight by talented artists like seventeen, The Boyz, Stray Kids, Treasure, Cravity, ATBO, Trendz, Kingdom, &Team, Itzy, Lyaodra, NiziU, IVE, Le Sserafim, NIMIXX, Lightsum, Kep1er, Alexa, Billie, and New Jeans. Out of all of these stages, there were a few who stole the show. Let’s check out which were the best stages of AAA awards.

AAA awards: Top 10 stages 

1. Seventeen 

Seventeen won the hearts of fans through their performance of Shadow + March + Hot. Their performance was suitable for Artist of the year and worth the wait.

2. &Team 

The Japanese boyband under Hybe Labels, &Team performed a powerful stage of Intro + Under the skin + Scent of you at the 2022 AAA awards.

3. Lyodra 

The Indonesian singer and actress LYODRA’s Sang Dewi stage left people in awe and she become one of the most searched artists tonight.

4. Alexa 

The Korean-American soloist Alexa’s Wonderland + Back in Vogue stage raised the heartbeats and temperature of the show.

5. Kep1er

Kep1er’s Intro + We Fresh + Wadada performance was youthful. The loved group won Best New Wave artist award tonight along with NMIXX and Tempest.

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6. Treasure 

Treasure performed GD & Taeyang’s Good Boy + Volkno. Although, the performance was similar to their MAMA stage it was just as impressive. They also won the Best Musician award tonight along with Le Sserafim, Peck, Choi Yena, and NiziU.

7. Le Sserafim 

Le Sserafim performed a small but impactful stage of Intro + Antifragile. The fans were upset with the camera work of AAA awards and decided to wait for fancams. The hyped group also won Best Musician and Rookie of the year awards.

8. IVE 

The Golden Rookie group IVE performed an entertaining stage of Intro + Love Dive. They also bagged the Hot Trend, Rookie of the year, and Song of the year awards.

9. Stray Kids 

Yesterday’s rookie group Stray Kids performed a powerful stage of Intro + Charmer + Case 143. They won the grand prize of Album of the year and proved themselves as one of the leading groups of next-gen Idols.

10. Kingdom

The rookie group Kingdom gave an enticing stage of Intro + Long live the king and raised curiosity among viewers about the theme and storyline of the group.

Asia Artist Awards
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More about AAA 

Asia Artist Awards is an annual award ceremony organized by Money Today, StarNews, and MTN newspaper, honoring excellent television, music, and cinema performances. With the awards show starting in 2016, it has successfully held 6 award ceremonies online and offline.

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The 2022 AAA awards were driven by the youthful and powerful performances of next-gen Idols. These rookie groups have already established themselves as talented artists. It shall be worth looking forward to what they have in store for the upcoming year.

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