2023 MAMA Awards ‘ONE I BORN’ | Event Date, Venue + All Details

Mnet announces 2023 MAMA Awards ONE I BORN

K-pop fans unite as CJ ENM announces the first set of details of their notable year-end award show. MAMA Awards 2023, titled ONE I BORN, will head to Japan as it honors the best music acts of the year with their prestigious awards. Read ahead to find out more about the event’s date, venue, and more.

CJ ENM announces MAMA Awards 2023 ONE I BORN

As per the South Korean entertainment juggernaut CJ ENM and Mnet, this year’s prestigious and grand MAMA Awards 2023 will be held in Japan. The show will follow the theme of ONE I BORN and take place at Tokyo Dome on November 28 and 29, as per the announcement of Wednesday, September 20.


  • MAMA Awards have a respectable legacy covering 24 years of memorable ceremonies held across Asia, including in Macao, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. The show is also famous for its mesmerizing line-up, including the top stars and promising rookies, with some of the best stages imaginable.

MAMA Awards 2023 ONE I BORN theme Explained

The head of music entertainment at CJ ENM, Joon-beom Sim, shared the meaning behind this year’s MAMA Awards theme in a press statement shared with South Korean media outlets. Firstly, he notes that the MAMA Awards acknowledge the outstanding K-pop artists chosen by global fans.

  • They aim to continue to become a platform that assists countless fans in engaging and uniting under one roof, transcending the barriers of regions, backgrounds, and generations. He further highlighted that MAMA 2023 aims to spread the message that Music Makes ONE by embodying potential, imagination, and energy.
  • As such, the concept ONE I BORN symbolizes that ‘I’ and ‘MAMA,’ each holding countless possibilities, are capable of coming together to create positive energy and become truly ONE.

MAMA 2023 Lineup

The 2023 MAMA will host multiple performances and stages again, capturing this year’s theme of ONE I BORN, honoring this year’s best artists. They will also deepen their reach to the fans with various interactive arrangements that connect people with K-pop.

  • Although the awards haven’t announced the final line-up of 2023 MAMA, one can assume that some of the fourth generation‘s most promising and popular groups of the fourth generation will receive an invite. We will surely update the article once the final line-up is announced, so stay tuned with Spiel Times.

K-pop fans react to the announcement

The end of the year is a particularly exciting time for K-pop fans due to various award functions. Out of them all, the one show that fans eagerly await is MAMA, which provides a stage for their favorite artists to showcase their talents with creative performances.

  • Therefore, fans are especially eager to know the line-up of MAMA 2023. They expressed this excitement and eagerness on platform X (formerly known as Twitter). Let’s check out some of their reactions below.

MAMA 2023 ONE I BORN will take place at Tokyo Dome in Japan on November 28 and 29. The artist line-up and details of other events will be released in the upcoming weeks, so mark the date and prepare to witness the uniting power of K-pop.

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