25% of CD Projekt Red employees are women, CDPR To Transition To A Dual-Franchise Studio (Witcher/Cyberpunk) & More Revealed by CDPR

CD Projekt Red have revealed loads of information as a part of their insight press release for the first half of the year 2019. The Press Release highlights their financial breakthroughs, their staff gender ratio, and their plans about the studio.

First of all, we get to know about the Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red reveals that revenue increased by 28% in H1. However, the net profit is flat considering the increase in CB2077’s development costs. The company sold more copies of Witcher 3 in 2019 as compared to the same time frame in 2018.

Moving on, they mention about the gender ratio in their studio, with a 25% gender representation of women. As of 30 June 2019, CD Projekt employs 953 people, of which 632 game developers.

Finally, CDPR mention their plans for their studio. That is, continuing their migration to a dual franchise model comprising of the Witcher and Cyberpunk. This definitely hints towards the fact that we have more to come from the Cyberpunk franchise. CDPR also mentions that those will be supplemented by “several independent product lines.”

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  1. Oh god, can you imagine how unbearable that work environment is? Women create hostile work environments when they only take up 5% of the workforce, can you imagine the amount of eggshells males have to walk on just to avoid the hostile work environment that must thrive in that company with a 25% female workforce, not to mention how much lower productivity must be, since females do not work as hard as males (even female doctors are established to care more about their social life than their jobs, not putting in anywhere near the same hours as male doctors, plus when they are at work, they spend way too much time socalizing and on their phones.) If you don’t like what I’m saying, then encourage/force women to work as hard as men, then I will take back what i wrote. Since we all know that is never going to happen, then my statement stands as statistical truth. Nothing good comes from hiring that many women in a trade where males have proven to be more effective and have more financially sound creativity. That company is losing money just to come across as woke…pathetic…

  2. The alt-right/Gamergate people are still offended and enraged that women work in the game industry.

    They are still crying and screaming their heads off today, they just can’t get over it.

    It was important that CDPR called them a hate group.

  3. At what given time? Word is your turnover is pretty high and there’s a lack of leadership. Percentage of workers with a vagina is a pointless thing to look at. It serves no purpose to game development. Whoever made it, made it.


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