3 Creative ways to do the ‘Ghost Trend’ on TikTok

As what D.O. from EXO said, people come and people go. A new trend is currently circulating on TikTok and is called Ghost Trend. Its hashtag #ghosttrend already has 141.6 million views. But if you are wondering, this isn’t about horror and literal ghosts. There’s another meaning for the term ‘ghost’ for this trend and is quite emotional to take.

  • The slang meaning of ghost is for a person who suddenly cut-offs their connection to other people without saying a reason. Therefore, it leaves the other side hanging and wondering what could have gone wrong with them. It could also be about the people who are simply not in your life anymore.
  • Whether because the person is dead, an old friend, outgrowing a relationship, getting out of a toxic relationship or family, or other reasons. The videos are mostly about remembering those people, the memories shared, and it’s also their indication that they are moving on in life.

So we are here to give you some ideas for creating a video for this trend. You may want to check it out!

Get to know some ghost trend video ideas

  • Print the pictures you have
    • You can scatter all the printed pictures on the floor or you can hang them up using a string. But put the pictures first ghost-like drawings or stickers to your liking.
    • Once you are done, you can film yourself wandering to those pictures. Like you are remembering the memories made.
    • It could also be similar to this TikTok video.

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  • You can make one like a movie
    • Your take could be like straight out of a movie by filming yourself reenacting those memories pictures but with only yourself. This could be your main character moment.
    • Instead of just reenacting it for a picture, why not film it a bit? You can just be by yourself or add ghost animation in the video.
    • This idea may put a lot of effort to do but it always depends on you.
    • The ghost-like animation can be like this TikTok video.


This TikTok Ghost Trend could certainly be emotional. But a reminder that there are things beyond our control and life continues to go on. We have to keep on going and can still look back then think I made it this far without them.

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