Black Friday Summary: Call of Duty: WWII Tops Sales Chart, Increase in PS4 & Xbox One Sales And Lot More

Call of Duty World War II

Like every year, this year’s Black Friday turned out to be a massive profit-generating sale. Unit sales increased by +80% and revenue generated by +53% over the week.

If we look at the combined sales units of PS4 and Xbox One, this Black Friday was highly successful, beating last year’s sales record by 3%. The PS4 remains the most-sold console and here’s a quote from Ukie, which I felt, deserves not to be changed –

“Standout success on PS4 hardware specifically which beat all previous PS4 Black Friday weeks except for Black Friday 2013 (week 48) which was also PS4 launch week.”

Official Hard Bundles (Free Games with Console) for both PS4 and Xbox One broke their previous records, accounting for over 83% of all hardware units sold this week. Now, let’s talk about the Top Games that outstood other games during the sale.

No 1. – Call of Duty: World War II

Call of Duty franchise’s newest instalment, World War II stands at the top of the list, for a fourth week since its launch.

No. 2 – FIFA 18

EA’s latest addition to its FIFA Games franchise secures the second position in the list.

No. 3 – Gran Turismo: Sport

Polyphony’s PS4-Exclusive has successfully climbed 9 places to reach the third position in the list.

No. 4 – Star Wars: Battlefront II

Despite all controversies and hatred the game received, it managed to sell well during the sales. However, EA is stuck with the base $60 game as all in-game transactions have been pulled off by the developer.

No. 5 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Ubisoft’s brand new Egypt-Simulator climbed one place to secure the fifth position in the list.

Below is the complete list –Black Friday Sales

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Thank You, Ukie!

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