4th Impact: PAWS Slams “Negligent” Pet Ownership, Fundraising Sparks Debate

4th Impact: PAWS Slams "Negligent" Pet Ownership, Fundraising Sparks Debate

A fundraising campaign by P-Pop group 4th Impact to build a “dog haven” for their 200 Shih Tzus has sparked outrage, with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) slamming their pet ownership practices.

  • 4th Impact receives 5 Shih Tzus as gifts from fans. Uncontrolled breeding leads to a pack of 200 dogs.
  • Facing noise complaints and overwhelmed by the number of animals, the group launches a fundraising campaign for a dedicated farm.
  • The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) emphasizes the importance of spaying and neutering, implicitly criticizing 4th Impact’s lack of responsible ownership practices.
  • Netizens express outrage online, condemning the group’s “negligent” pet ownership and questioning why the situation escalated before seeking help.

From Five to 200: PAWS Pounces on Negligence

The controversy stems from 4th Impact’s initial acceptance of just five Shih Tzus gifted by fans. However, the situation spiraled out of control as the dogs bred repeatedly. Facing noise complaints, the group launched a GoFundMe campaign to create a dedicated farm for their furry companions.

PAWS, a leading voice for animal welfare, took to social media to criticize 4th Impact’s approach. The organization emphasized the importance of spaying and neutering pets. By implicitly pointing to the lack of such practices in 4th Impact’s case, PAWS ignited a national conversation.

“Irresponsible” Ownership

Netizens expressed outrage on social media platforms, heavily criticizing 4th Impact for their “negligent” pet ownership. Many questioned why the group allowed the situation to reach such a critical point before seeking external assistance.

4th Impact’s Shih Tzu Mess: Learn from Their Mistake, Don’t Reward It

4th Impact’s story with 200 Shih Tzus is a disaster waiting to happen. Letting pets breed uncontrollably is irresponsible, and frankly, they should be held accountable. Funding their fix just rewards bad choices.

The real lesson here is for everyone else. Get your pets spayed or neutered! It’s the best way to prevent unwanted litters and avoid situations like this. Don’t let their mistake inspire you to copy it. Instead, let’s focus on responsible pet ownership. Consider adopting from shelters instead of buying, and always prioritize the well-being of your furry friends. This way, we can avoid these messes and ensure happy, healthy lives for our pets.

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4th Impact: PAWS Slams "Negligent" Pet Ownership, Fundraising Sparks Debate

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