5 Minutes Of New Astral Chain Gameplay Released

There are only a few weeks left until the release of Astral Chain. The exclusive Nintendo Switch title of Platinum games. Thanks to the GameXplain site we had the opportunity to view a new gameplay video. This shows the game in action both in the exploratory phase and in the more “action” one.

Your soldier will have the opportunity to scan the surrounding area. You will be looking for clues and the best route to reach the mission objective. Also in this section, the use of the “holographic” counterpart turns out to be particularly useful. Given that in addition to facilitating travel, it also allows the collection of strange elements present only in virtual reality.

Once you reach the room where the enemies are present, the character will show off all his fighting skills. Your character shows different combinations of strokes (depending on the weapon being thrown) and all the power of his “astral” ally. The battles appear to be very tactical and spectacular, with a remarkable rhythm and centered on the dodges that allow you to evade dangerous opponents’ blows.

We leave you to watch the video dedicated to the Astral Chain gameplay, reminding you that the title will be available from August 20th.

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