95-year Old Woman with Dementia Tasered by Police Commissioner Refuses to Watch Video
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A 95-year-old woman named Claire Nowland is fighting for her life after being tasered twice by police in her care home in Cooma, Australia.

Claire Nowland is suffering from dementia and measures only five feet two. Nowland was reportedly walking slowly towards officers with her walking frame, apparently holding an object resembling a steak knife. The event has sparked international outrage.

Call for Transparency: Release of Body Cam Footage

A key point of contention is the refusal by senior police officials to release body cam footage from the scene. Despite widespread demands for transparency, the officer in charge of the case has refused to do so, claiming that she hasn’t even watched it. This refusal has further fuelled public outrage.

Impact on the Claire Nowland’s Family

Claire Nowland is a well-known figure in the local community. Known for her vivacious spirit, Nowland had parachuted for her 80th and 85th birthdays. She was also heavily involved in her local church and ran a charity thrift shop for the Vincent de Paul Society.

However, the incident has taken a toll on her health. Nowland is currently in critical condition and receiving end-of-life care, with the family grateful for the prayers and support from around the world.

The police, however, have allegedly pressured the family to refrain from talking about the incident publicly, adding to the sense of injustice felt by the community.

Unanswered Questions and Global Outrage

Andrew Thaler, a community advocate, and spokesperson for the family, speaks out about the incident. He expressed the confusion and disbelief shared by many around the world. Thaler describes the situation as “simply unimaginable” and “outrageous.”

  • Nowland is potentially the oldest person to have ever been tasered.
  • Weighing only 43 kilos (95 lbs.) and aged 95, her physical threat was minimal.
  • People from all over the world have sent an outpouring of grief, well wishes, and prayers in response to the incident.

The circumstances leading to the police’s involvement remain unclear. At around 4 am, care staff in the home, without any nurses present, may have panicked and called the police.

Police Officer’s Status Under Review

  • The officer responsible for the incident is a senior constable with 12 years of experience. The authorities have taken him off duty and are currently reviewing his situation. They have also launched a critical incident investigation.
  • Thaler urges for the proper assessment of the body cam footage and insists that the same standards of law enforcement should be applied to all, regardless of the circumstances. He insists that the footage cannot be suppressed for long.

Andrew Thaler, spokesperson for Clare Nowland’s family, spoke to ACM reporter Alex Crowe on Friday following the police press conference about Clare’s alleged Tasering on Wednesday morning. Recorded: May 19, 2023. #cooma #canberratimes #policetasergrandmother #clarenowland

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Police Commissioner refuses to watch the bodycam footage

This incident has shed light on the issue of police conduct, particularly in dealing with vulnerable individuals. The public outcry for justice and transparency continues to grow as people around the world send their prayers and well-wishes to Claire Nowland and her family.

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