Update 7:31 pm IST:

BioWare is ready with a “BIG” announcement for Anthem, which will go live later today. The information comes via an email from UK-based digital marketing company Digitas, that says, “Heads Up: ANTHEM SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!”

According to the email, a big announcement from Bioware is on its way, although there’s no mention as to what will be announced. The announcement is scheduled to go live at 7:30 pm IST (2:00 pm UTC, 9:00 am EST, 1:00 am AEST)

The email says –

If you can’t get enough of Anthem, keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for a BIG announcement from Bioware, headed your way tonight at 10 pm SGT, 12th February. You won’t want to miss it!

Upon contacting Digitas for further comment on the announcement, Account Executive Naomi Csoke said that the announcement is ready and once the embargo ends, they’ll send it out. Additionally, the announcement will go live on all of Anthem’s official social media channels.

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