A Cyberpunk 2077 Demo Reveals Hacking, Customization, Mini-Games And Much More

That's a lot of new info!

Cyberpunk 2077 will be shown again at PAX West in Seattle, in late August, but last week CD Projekt RED did show a new demo at three Polish sites (WP GRY, Miastogier, and Onet). Through their articles, we can discover a whole series of interesting information about the game, on many different game mechanics.

Here’s everything that was revealed on Cyberpunk 2077 in a convenient list:

  • Some merchants will offer unique items and discounts only at certain times
  • You can buy multiple types of clothes, such as long jackets, t-shirts, shoes, etc.
  • A netrunner can buy various programs, such as one to disable cybernetic eyes or one to block the grafts of others.
  • By improving the hacking capabilities, the options also increase: you go from opening a door to controlling cameras and turrets, and much more.
  • The hacking mini-games change depending on what you are trying to break.
  • Bots can also be hacked from a distance.
  • Character upgrades are accessible only through specialists, but some minor changes can be performed by the player himself (for example, you can make the hidden blades poisonous).
  • Skills can be improved by finding a coach or installing certain facilities.
  • “Street credibility” will improve the quality and rarity of what you can buy.
  • Compared to what is shown in 2018, the numbers that appear on the screen when damage is done to the opponents have changed: they are less and there is a special animation.
  • The inventory will be limited by the maximum transportable weight of your character.
  • When V smashes a bottle over an enemy’s head, what’s left of the bottle can be used to continue fighting.
  • Conversations are dynamic and if a new NPC appears it is possible to watch it and get new dialogue options without ceasing to speak and all this also affects subsequent dialogues with the person you were talking to.
  • Each attribute and skill has ten levels. There are then 5 perks for each skill (for a total of 60) and each perk has five levels of progression.
  • Doping objects, like the one that slows down time, can be used in combination with abilities: for example, you can slow down time to hack an enemy before they attack you
  • If you act violently in front of a gang or the police (for example stealing a vehicle), there will be a response from them.
  • There will be plenty of side missions and there will be many events taking place within the city. There will be no quest table as in The Witcher 3, but the augmented reality of V will highlight certain important elements of the environment.
  • The population will be technologically enhanced in different ways according to their status: the rich will have unique grafts, the religious will refuse certain enhancements and so on
  • Religion is present in Night City, Christianity, for example, the game wants to be a continuity of our world, not something completely alternative.
  • Cyberpsychosis will be present in the game: V will not suffer from it, but with missions and events we will be able to see the consequences.
  • You can customize the look of the character without choosing between male or female. You can have a male body with feminine attributes, a female voice, and female hair. The type of entry will have an impact on how NPCs will perceive V.

Tell us, what do you think of what has been revealed about Cyberpunk 2077?


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