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Heads up, Diablo fans! After almost 3 years since the fourth installment was announced, the waiting continues. Creating a masterpiece such as this fourth installment of Diablo is still in the works and takes a lot of time.

But to appease the fans while waiting, Blizzard Entertainment posted various details including the gameplay trailer. Similar to what other game developers do, they recently made a private playtest for some people. Of course, this is a way for them to get feedback and if the quality is enough for a release soon.

Despite the playtest being private, there are still leaks that came out from it. One of the leaks is about a feature from Diablo 3 that appeared in Diablo 4 which seems to be controversial. What’s this all about? Read on to find out about this Diablo 3 feature coming to Diablo 4.

Get to know the feature from Diablo 3 returning in Diablo 4

Leaks circulated online

  • It is hard to pin down the root of all the leaks about Diablo 4. But according to Tech Radar, a now-deleted video from Reddit shows details from the unreleased game, including the Smart Loot System.

The Smart Loot System feature

For those who don’t know, this feature from Diablo 3 has sparked issues from fans. This feature allows dropping the items that are only appropriate with the class and stats of the character you are playing. It loses the element of surprise when getting the items for your character.

Then the essence of the rewarding feeling of getting surprise items is lost, too. For these reasons, it’s understandable why some fans do not like this feature.

Conversations began about the rumored feature coming to Diablo 4 

There are many fans have expressed their different opinions online about the smart loot system feature. Let’s see some of the divided opinions from the fans online.

Some of the fans who dislike the feature
  • It shows that the smart loot system spoils the trade and lessens connectivity among players of the game. Fans even emphasized that the feature would be just useless in Diablo 4 as it was in Diablo 3.
  • They also compared the success of Diablo 2 which did not have the feature before unlike Diablo 3. In comparing it to Diablo 2, it looks like these fans have been playing the game for a long time now. So they can see the differences between each installment.

Diablo feature opinion

Some of the fans who like the feature
  • On the other hand, some fans showed that they like the feature. Fans showed that they won’t mind the smart loot system being included in Diablo 4. It also looks like that they would still get and play the new Diablo 4.

Diablo feature opinion (1)

The final verdict for this is yes, it is a deal-breaker 

After seeing the fans’ mixed opinions about this smart loot system, it is certainly a deal-breaker. It loses interest and excitement knowing about the feature coming back into Diablo 4. This is especially for the long-term fans of the game who saw what’s good and not good for the game.

The smart loot system greatly affects them when they tried playing it in Diablo 3 before. So what more in Diablo 4? But they won’t mind pursuing it anymore since they knew how the feature works on the previous game.

Image Courtesy of @Diablo via Twitter

Blizzard should take note of what the fans are trying to say and hopefully they do something about it. This is to make the fans fully satisfied with it since the game was made for them to play.

There is still a long wait

Diablo 4 has no exact release date yet but it is expected to come out sometime in 2023 or even in 2024. Hopefully, we’ll get an official announcement from Blizzard soon as well as how to pre-order the game.

Watch the gameplay trailer

The adventure continues in the battle between Heaven and Hell. Diablo 4 looks promising in its gameplay trailer. Go watch it below, if you haven’t.

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