A Leak Reveals The Release Date Of The Last Of Us Part II

This comes from an internal source of Sony’s California leak development team about a recent corporate meeting between Sony PlayStation’s marketing leaders with the chiefs of the Naughty Dog studio and directors. According to the source, which announced via Reddit, the final launch date of The Last of Us Part II, that is May 22, 2020, was chosen during this meeting.

Also according to this leak, the title was supposed to come out during the first quarter of the year, rather than in spring. However, they needed more time to improve the quality, textures, and animations of certain characters and environments, to get a better end result. In addition, Sony’s marketing chiefs have suggested choosing a “safe” date, to avoid possible financial repercussions following a further postponement.

This date would go against the rumors that had occurred recently regarding a possible release in February. In any case, the official launch date will be announced this fall, according to the leak.

After talking about The Last of Us Part II, the meeting would focus on a new IP being developed at a Naughty Dog secondary studio. The title would be in the works for the next generation of Sony consoles and at the moment the project responds to the name of “Stray’s cross”, which probably will not be the definitive name of the game.

The title should be a first-person action-adventure with steampunk elements, a description that makes one think of Uncharted. “Stray’s cross” will have two protagonists: a former scientist who discovered a huge truth hidden through confidential documents, and a wanted criminal, wrongly arrested for protecting a friend during a shootout with the police.

The plot of the game would focus on the secret conflict going on for centuries, and how this led human society to ruin. The narrative incipit of the story should be the meeting of the two protagonists, totally random, which would then lead them to work together.

All the information reported refers to an unconfirmed leak.


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