A Mod Transforms Unity’s Book Of The Dead, Here Is A Video In 4K

Last year, the creators of The Blacksmith and Adam presented Book of the Dead. An interactive story with a first-person view showing the technical capabilities of the new version of the Unity graphics engine. The ultimate goal was to give proof of what Unity 2018 could do.

Today a new mod has been unveiled, which elevates the graphic quality of the game to the maximum, produced by the Italian Giulio Maria Guglielmi, aka “MassiHancer”. Previously, Giulio also had work done on Star Wars Battlefront in July.

The result is amazing. As you can see from the video above, inspired by the landscape of the Umbrian countryside, Giulio used warmer tones, typical of a forest just before sunset. Obviously, the mod requires a PC of a certain level. The creator suggests at least one GTX 1080 Ti for 4K and 30fps, but for maximum fluidity, it would be better to use an RTX 2080 Ti.

Furthermore, the creator of the mod said:

Yes, I had an 8k screen and the necessary graphics power would come totally free of Aliasing on the vegetation and probably two generations ahead. But at the moment, I had to settle for good results in 4k.

What do you think of the results achieved by MassiHancer?

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