New Avatar Animated Series

Huge news just came for all Avatar fans out there! As informed, Avatar Studios is working on a new animated series that will feature the reincarnation of the Avatar following The Legend of Korra. According to the natural cycle of Avatars, the next one should be born as an Earth Bender. With still a lot to take, let’s find out everything you need to learn with the new Avatar animated series.

Release date

According to Avatar News, the said animated series is still in the works but it’s likely to come out by the end of 2025. Although Avatar Studios clearly has a lot on its plate as of now, 2025 sounds like a fruitful year for ATLA (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and TLOK (The Legend of Korra) fans.


Aang lived roughly in a world where it looked like everything was inspired by a 19th-century setup. Korra’s time, on the other hand, looked more advance and according to fans, it looked like a Western 1920s setting. The new Avatar may be born a hundred years after Korra’s era and the setting would look similar to our world today. By that, we might see an Avatar who can master all four elements as well as master the internet, I guess?

Everything else is still in a blur but we might get to hear some more information very soon.

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Where can I watch shows from the Avatar Studios?

Avatar Studios has paired with the streaming platform Paramount+ thus every project they are going to make moving forward will be featured on the platform.

More Avatar spinoffs coming your way in the next three years

The new Avatar does get an animated series in 2025 but there’s also a rumor it will also be getting an animated movie soon after its release. Additionally, the Adult Aang movie is set to come out on October 10, 2025, which is probably the most exciting news Avatar fans have heard since ATLA concluded in 2008. In the movie, we will get to see what happened to the world after Aang and his Gaang (Toph, Sokka, Katara, and Zuko) restored peace to the four nations.

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Plus, a live-action adaptation of Avatar Aang is already underway and will be released on Netflix very soon. Remember when we said that 2025 will be the best year for Avatar fans? The second season of the said live-action Avatar series is also set to come out in 2025! With that, three huge projects will grace us three years from now. What’re three years, am I right?

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