As fans eagerly await the release of BTS Jimin’s debut solo album, the release of the pre-release track “Set Me Free Pt.2” has only heightened the anticipation. Jimin’s electrifying performance and captivating music video give fans a glimpse of the artist’s artistic individuality and a preview of what’s to come in his upcoming album, “FACE.” The song and video speak to Park Jimin’s deep emotions and convey his impeccable dance moves and vocal talents.

“Set Me Free Pt.2” is a powerful declaration of Jimin’s growth and development as a solo artist. The music video, featuring Jimin as the commanding centerpiece with its swift choreography. As Jimin breaks from the crowd and sings, “Set me free,” fans can feel the emotion in his voice and relate to the struggles he has faced in his idol career.

Welcoming Park Jimin in ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’

With “Set Me Free Pt.2,” Jimin delivers a powerful and dynamic performance that showcases his immense talent as both a singer and dancer. The song’s punchy beats and soaring horns perfectly complement Jimin’s incredible vocals. It ranged from smooth and soulful, and not losing emotions.

As the song progresses, Jimin’s lyrics express a sense of longing and determination as he sings about his journey to break free and find his true self as an artist. ARMYs can feel the emotion in his voice and relate to the struggles he has faced, making the song all the more powerful.

Furthermore, the music video for “Set Me Free Pt.2” is equally captivating. Park Jimin and his team of dancers performed an elaborate choreography routine that perfectly completes the song’s energy and intensity. And true to his solo album title, his face’s expressions while performing remains top-tier.

  • The video’s use of light and shadow adds to the overall atmosphere, creating a truly immersive experience for viewers.

A New Chapter for Jimin as a Solo Artist

The album features six incredible tracks, and “Set Me Free Pt.2” is just the beginning. With collaborative credits from renowned producers Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, EVAN, and co-band member RM, Jimin’s “FACE” promises to be a musical masterpiece.

BTS Park Jimin Set Me Free Pt.2, FACE solo album
Image Courtesy of BTS via Instagram (@bts.bighitofficial)

In addition, through ‘FACE’, ARMYs witness his unparalleled musicality, distinct timbre, and impeccable dance performance. The album showcases Jimin’s evolution as an artist as he fronts his true self and takes a leap forward in his solo career.

  • As Jimin puts it, “FACE” represents his new step. A step that confronts himself head-on to become the best version of himself.

“Set Me Free Pt.2” is a teaser of the unique sound and emotion that Jimin will bring to his debut solo album. With five more tracks to come, fans can eagerly anticipate more of Jimin’s signature style and unmatched talent.

  • The upcoming ‘FACE’ solo album, BTS Jimin turns into Park Jimin. He’s ready to showcase his musical abilities in new and exciting ways.

Have you watched JIMIN’s ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ music video already? You better not miss it out! Catch ‘FACE’ on March 24, 2023!

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