The archaeology and history world is excited, thanks to discoveries at ruins near Alexandria, Egypt. The University of San Domingo recently went on an archeological mission to learn more about the Temple of Taposiris Magna ruins. Since then, archaeologists have found many noteworthy artifacts that point to regarded figures of the past.

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Among these include portrayals of Isis and Alexander the Great. However, in terms of volume, the imagery of Cleopatra seems to be a common theme. Now the archaeological team has discovered 4,300-foot tunnel 40 feet underneath the ruins. Experts are now speculating that this may lead to the lost tomb of Egypt’s last queen.

Evidence Supporting the Cleopatra Rumors

Based on historians’ accounts, Cleopatra regarded Alexandria as one of the places closest to her heart. She loved the place so much that she had royal tombs built to be her final resting place. When the Romans began their conquest of Egypt, the believe is that she fled to Alexandria as a part of her last stand. She was also said to have committed suicide to avoid a fate under the hands of the Romans.

Cleopatra was greatly loved and revered by her people, as well as by other foreign nations. Taposiris Magna was a religious center during their time and maintained during the Roman periods. Records state that she did not want to be an object of Rome’s triumph, where she would likely go on a parade in chains. She killed herself to avoid that fate and prevent the Roman Empire from relishing their victory.

What’s interesting about Cleopatra is that there are no records of her physical description. All they can gather is the accounts of others who’ve encountered her, calling her one of the most beautiful women that walked the earth. Being able to find her remains means finally answering a mystery.

With today’s technology, one could reconstruct her image to help us envision what she looked like when she was alive.

The Next Potential Great Discovery?

The last major discovery among Egyptian ruins happened in 1922 with the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Otherwise known as King Tut, he is one of the most popular leaders in Egyptian history, known for restoring their country’s religion. Based on the evidence, he passed away due to different diseases.

Experts state that the discovery of Cleopatra’s resting place may even exceed that of King Tuts. The media will likely have a frenzy covering this discovery.

While many are hopeful, there is still no assurance. Even if one can find sarcophagus at these ruins, extensive testing will still occur to verify the identity of the dead. Since there are no records that state where Cleopatra was during her final days, archeologists remain optimistic. Even the artifacts they’ve been uncovering are considered monumental in their field.

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