A script that failed: An honest commentary on Brahmastra

A script that failed An honest commentary on Brahmastra

Any Brahmastra fan would agree that Part One Shiva had a great concept. But the story has failed to inspire most people. Where did it all go wrong? At the risk of providing more Brahmastra spoilers, we are back again to inspect why the story for the biggest movie of the year failed. Released on 9th September 2022 by Dharma Productions, Brahmastra: Part One Shiva had been given the task of reviving the Bollywood movie-making scene.

On the contrary, even with VFX that parallels Hollywood commercial media, the Brahmastra story proves incapable of providing anything of value.

Brahmastra Story: A children’s fantasy thriller

The Brahmastra story has a great VFX background and compelling acting from all of the cast, but the story is a delight only for young children.

However, the story misses out on including the emotionally complex plot points that a good story must include.

  • The conflict fails to inspire a feeling of enthusiasm. Romance fails to capture the complex characteristics of two people that a relationship usually entails.
  • A good plot perhaps starts with an important motive for the story to exist, and Brahmastra lacks this very motive.
  • It is not an attempt to please everyone but instead, make them think.

The Brahmastra story faces the problem of generating strong emotions through impactful scenes.

A script that failed An honest commentary on Brahmastra
Image Courtesy: Dharma Productions

Where’s the Hook?

The hook is another important aspect of a great story! The Brahmastra story must have a great hook in order to make sure people keep invested in it. The hook basically means to ask “Why am I watching this?” to which the response generally is “Because I cannot stop.”

A Brahmastra review will let you know that you can in fact easily stop watching at any minute. The lack of a good hook is the reason why people go into the hall with great expectations but those same expectations weren’t met.

Expectations for Brahmastra

Another major factor that caused the script to fail is the expectations that the audience already had before visiting the theatres. Brahmastra’s story had to meet the expectation of being the story to patch up the disintegrating Bollywood image.

For this, it had to say something important.

A script that failed An honest commentary on Brahmastra
Image Courtesy: Dharma Productions

Brahmastra tried to create itself as a story that would appeal to new Hindu audiences and instead found them alleging it to be forceful. Brahmastra is a story based on Hindu mythology.

However, to be a story that matters, it needed to establish an actual connection between the past and present – explore situations that resonate with the modern individual.

Could the script have worked?

Brahmastra: Part One Shiva is the first part of a trilogy and has infinite possibilities.

  • Since it is the script that feels lacking, the Brahmastra Trilogy has all other elements in place for improvements in the future.
  • If the second and third parts are able to make dialogue developments, the whole watch can rapidly become a lot more enjoyable too.

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