A Special Fortnite Event Will Be Held Tonight, Here’s How To Follow It

Let the clash begin!

Finally, the day has come. Tonight the long-awaited special event of Season 9 will be held on Fortnite. Awaited by thousands of battle royale players for more than a month. Epic Games has also in recent weeks further ignited the wait, even inserting countdowns in the middle of the game’s map of the famous title.

As we told you, the wait is now running out and tonight, July 20, 2019, we will finally be able to fully enjoy the much-anticipated clash between the bizarre and enormous Pressure Plant robot and the disturbing monster that so messed up in recent weeks, the Fortnite game map.

To better follow this event it will not be necessary to provide for special rituals. It will be more than enough to be connected to the servers of the title just before 8.00 pm tonight. In the preceding minutes, this time all the various game modes will obviously be deactivated within Fortnite and it will only be possible to participate in the one called “Final Clash”. Once you enter, the waiting battle between the two giants will take place.

Obviously, and fortunately, nothing is known yet about this event and to find out for yourself what will happen to Fortnite after this special event it will, therefore, be necessary to connect directly to the title tonight.

What do you think of this news, according to you how will the expected epic battle end? Has Epic Games already decided the outcome of this battle? Or will spectators instead lead one of the two contenders to victory? Let us know your personal forecasts directly in the comments!


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