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It’s certainly not the same as it was after knowing there’s an entire course about Harry Styles. A university in Texas is going to offer this course and this news has struck fans all over the world with a question. What’s more inside about this Harry Styles course?

Dr. Louie Dean Valencia, an Associate Professor of Digital History from Texas State University tweeted about the course is officially confirmed. The course title is “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture.

From the title itself, it looks like it is going to tackle a wide range of topics that are timely today.

Let’s know more about the course

As it centers on Harry Styles, the course also focuses on the “cultural and political development of the modern celebrity as related to questions of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, media, fashion, fan culture, internet culture, and consumerism.”

The course description is from Dr. Valencia, who is the instructor as well.

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Dr. Valencia also wrote on Twitter about what the students are going to learn from the course.

He said, “students will learn to closely evaluate sources, test veracity, learn visual and auditory analysis, writing and editing skills, and learn technical skills such as audio editing.”

And he even added, “I want students to not just learn about contemporary history, but hard skills they can use! Like how to manage a social media campaign!”

This course is certainly promising as it is filled with valuable knowledge that students can learn and practice from.

Texas State University only offers this course
Image Courtesy of Texas State University

Students won’t find this course anywhere in the world. Since it’s only exclusive to Texas State University in the U.S. They are going to offer this course to some lucky undergraduate students starting in spring 2023.

If you’re interested in taking this course, you may inquire now at the university. Moreover, if you’re a Styles fan and this is also the field that you want to pursue. This could be for you, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Check out the university website here.

There are more artist courses

Aside from Styles, other artists also got a dedicated course for them.

  • Taylor Swift at the New York University where she also got an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts.
  • Lady Gaga at the University of South Carolina offered a course in sociology about her.
  • David Bowie at the University of Leeds, the course offered focuses on reading and writing.
  • Beyoncé got courses from different universities. She got courses at the University of Copenhagen, the University of Texas at San Antonio, California Polytechnic State University, and Rutgers University.

With the growing list of artists who got courses about them. We are yet to find out who’s next!

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