A Way Out Player Base Exceeds 2.6 Million

Josef Fares’s first attempt in making a video game marked the inception of A Way Out. Working under Hazelight Studios as a director, his incisive skills at film directing helped him bring out the potential of the game by means of intelligent cinematography. The game was ultimately published by Electronic Arts on Q1, 2018.

In an earnings call, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said that the game’s sale has crossed the the 2 million mark(via. SeekingAlpha). The manager added that the game had ‘outperformed’ the expectations of the publishers.

Gamereactor concludes that the sales were possibly boosted thanks to the additional set of codes that were dispatched along with the game so the co-op experience can be enjoyed free of cost by the second player. In general, the sales figures were 200% of the actual sales.

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