Absolver : Less Than a Week Remaining in the Launch of Multiplayer Combat Title

absolver release

Making a perfect mixture of two games is not an easy thing to do and it takes real hardwork to put a unique concept into form. But this milestone was successfully accomplished by Developer Digital and Sloclap as they created a real time combat game titled as “Absolver” one of the most awaited PC and PS4 title, launching on 29 August.

The developers of the game also provided us with a brand new gameplay trailer too as well at the same time as they announced the official release details of the title. The gameplay trailer is mainly a new combat trailer and it focuses on the three main different combat styles which can be selected by the play at the starting of the game.

Each combat style comes with its own special abilities and strengths named as : Kahlt Method, Windfall and Forsaken. There are four stances for the player and the use of attacks varies according to the stance the player currently has. There is also a option to learn new moves and abilities as the gameplay advances to new levels.

Absolver 2017

We are super excited to see how Absolver goes and also the developers of the game are pretty confident as they share their unique set of thoughts and experience which they gathered working on previous projects like Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs during their stay at Ubisoft.

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