ABZU: Underwater Adventure-Explorer Releases Today


From the art director of Journey, comes another spectacular game – ABZÛ

It is going to be a tough job for gamers, even the hardcore ones to try out each and every game of 2016. From big-budget-blockbusters to lovely indie games, this year has already seen massive releases and many more are still on the list. ABZU is one of the many indie games releasing this year.

ABZÛ is an underwater adventure-explorer where you play as a cute and charming diver, exploring through the deep seas. The name comes from a combination of two ancient words ‘AB’ meaning ocean, and ‘ZÛ’ meaning to know.ABZU

ABZÛ is developed by Giant Squid Studios and got a positive response at this year’s E3. Matt Nava, the creative mind behind Journey joins the ABZÛ team as the Creative Director, bringing the game to life. 505 Games are publishers behind this cool and freezing underwater journey.

In the game you can dive in with your robotic friend, follow fishes, listen to the beautiful soundtrack and make new robotic friends while you progress through the game. As you go on playing, you’ll come up with more quests, hidden worlds and underwater secrets.

The game releases today i.e. August 2 for Steam and PS4. You can get it on PlayStation Store for $19.99 and $15.99 if you’re a PS Plus member. The price for Steam is most likely to be the same.

We’re looking forward to get our hands on the game as quick as possible. Keep in touch with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff.

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