Activision Blizzard Reportedly Working On Warcraft Mobile

Just yesterday, we brought you exciting news from Activision about a new Call of Duty mobile game. Today, we have another great news for the fans of Activision Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise. Since a part few years, Warcraft franchise isn’t doing as good as expected but it is still quite popular among the fans. The news we have in about the upcoming games of the franchise.

New Mobile Games

Warcraft III

The news we bring is amazing for the fans, as Activision Blizzard has announced not one, but two new mobile games for its Warcraft franchise. The announcement came during its quarterly earnings call regarding an ongoing lawsuit against them. Right here, it was announced that the team is developing two new Warcraft games.

Introducing new mobile games is always a good idea in today’s fast-moving world. Activision can greatly benefit from it, especially considering how disappointed fans are with the ongoing lawsuit against them. Also, the Warcraft franchise hasn’t received much love in the previous few years. So, if these games are good, it could change a lot for the franchise, as well as the developers.

What They Can Be

World of Warcraft
Courtesy of Blizzard

Unfortunately, not much information was revealed about the two games. But what we do know is that it won’t include a new MMO, and it won’t be another reboot of Warcraft 3. Earlier, Activision teased some unannounced projects in the Warcraft universe and these two can very well be them.

  • The two announced games are in different stages of development and might start arriving next year. Previously, Activision Blizzard mentioned internal testing for some players. This was done to encourage players to check out classic games as well as to introduce new experiences to classic franchises. These new experiences could have been the said mobile games.
  • Considering World of Warcraft’s tremendous success, these new games can also be about it. The classic games could be brought to mobiles as well, but it seems like a rare possibility. Activision would be looking to do something new and so are the fans. Till then, we’ll need to wait for some more official details to pop up.

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