aespa x Crocs Collaboration: Stomp Clogs Price + Where to Buy

aespa x Crocs Collaboration: Stomp Clogs Price + Where to Buy

We’re on the next level, and so is this aespa x Crocs collaboration. The clogs maker has been home to numerous collaborations with brands, TV shows, movies, etc. This time around, Crocs steps into the world of K-pop with SM Entertainment’s aespa (and the world of KWANGYA, too!) We’re getting giddy right now, and if you are, too,  here are all the details about this aespa x Crocs collab, including its price, release date, and where to buy. 

aespa x Crocs Clogs Collaboration

Are you ready to jump into the world of KWANGYA? You don’t have to worry anymore; aespa x Crocs will transport you to this whole new universe. On October 2, 2023, Crocs officially announced the collaboration with a promotional photo of the four-member girl group. aespa, with members KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER, and NINGNING, slayed their long-dress outfits, matched with the exclusive aespa x Crocs collaboration.

aespa x Crocs Stomp Clogs Collaboration
Image Courtesy of Crocs via Twitter/X (@Crocs)

This collaboration happens to be one of the most anticipated ones. In 2022, aespa first visited the Crocs world through a Roblox concert. The virtual event occurred in celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary. After almost a year of waiting, MYs (aespa’s fandom) can now wear and flex this aespa x Crocs collab Clogs in their everyday fits.

Before purchasing this cute Clogs collection, let’s check out the details first. The aespa x Crocs Stomp Lined Platform Clog comes in soft purple while accented with a blue sole. What added more to its cuteness? The pale purple and sky blue fur strap and some aespa-inspired Jibbitz, too!

  • Yes, you read that right; custom aespa Jibbitz is coming your way, too. There’s an aespa logo, a white heart, a miniature lightstick, and a cute snowflake. Are you ready for this Naevis-approved Clogs? Because we are!

Price and Where to Buy

Look no further and drop by Crocs’ online and physical stores on October 3, 2023! Fans, no need to worry because wherever you are in the globe, aespa x Crocs is coming for you! According to Crocs, you may want to check out your country’s Crocs’ Instagram and other social media for all the details!

  • You may want to know the price as it becomes available globally on October 3. Fortunately, Crocs just dropped it on their online site with its official price. We estimated that this aespa x Crocs collaboration could retail from $90 to $100. According to the Crocs website, the aespa x Crocs Stomp Lined Clog retails for $100. If you have the budget, you might as well take the honors and purchase one yourself!
  • Oh, and by the way, Crocs knows how to lure K-pop fans a little too well. With a purchase of the aespa x Crocs Stomp Clogs, the buyer also receives an exclusive member photocard. Isn’t that so K-pop of them?! And which MYs wouldn’t want to have a hand on those?

Is buying the aespa x Crocs worth it?

Coming from a fan perspective, well, we can say it’s worth buying. You see, witnessing a crossover from one of the comfiest shoes with your favorite K-pop group is something we do not always encounter. Although you may need quite an amount of money, the Crocs will surely be worth the money. Known for its comfortable fits, great designs, quality, and durability, a purchase would also benefit you and your outfits!

  • Moreover, who wouldn’t want to have a matchy Stomp Clogs with aespa? Yeah, we thought so. The design was thought off, and the colors just seemingly blend perfectly. Not to mention that exclusive Jibbitz and photocard? MYs, better hurry and get yours.

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