AEW Grand Slam: Jon Moxley and Adam Cole Injury Update | What happened?

Jon Moxley injury

The All Elite Wrestling (AEW) just gave its fans a night to remember on September 20 in New York City. However, two fights in the Dynamite: Grand Slam tournament ended unexpectedly. Two wrestlers were injured in the same event – Jon Moxley and Adam Cole. Here’s what happened to Moxley and Cole.

Jon Moxley gets injured in the match against Rey Fenix

Rey Fenix, 32, captured the International Championship belt after defeating the 37-year-old Jon Moxley. Although it was a great night for the Mexican masked wrestler, we couldn’t say the same for the four-time World Champion.

Moments before Fenix emerged victorious, he first did a piledriver against Moxley. Although Moxley was already down on the ring, the referee did not continue the count which led to another Fenix piledriver. In a fireman’s carry, the Mexican star did it again and finished the match with the title. After the clash, Fenix celebrated but Moxley was still lying down. Because of that, AEW‘s medical team rushed to check on the former champion. Videos of that specific fight sequence are now making waves on the internet. Those who have seen the match have even observed that Moxley was already a bit disoriented and groggy way before the piledrive attack.

Apparently, the piledriver move resulted in Moxley getting injured

PWInsider and Sean Ross Sapp of revealed that Jon Moxley was diagnosed with a minor concussion after being pounded head-first to the floor twice. Moreover, the ending of the Fenix-Moxley match wasn’t what was planned for that night. Despite that, AEW as well as Moxley’s fans are optimistic that the injury wasn’t that serious. It’s worth remembering that Moxley got a wounded head and a tailbone injury in 2020.

Story developing…

On the other hand, another AEW star, Adam Cole, got injured even though he wasn’t fighting in the event

Samoa Joe faced MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) for the AEW World Championship title on the same night that Rey Fenix and Jon Moxley fought. However, that bout’s highlight would not be Samoa Joe’s victory. While the Samoan giant was putting MJF in a chokehold, the latter’s tag-team partner, Adam Cole, surprised the fans when he came out from the back to support and cheer for his friend.

While jumping from the ramp to the ringside, Cole appeared to have landed his foot awkwardly. Shortly after, it can be observed he was limping while walking near MFJ. The former Ring of Honor champion played it well although it was reported that he was already in pain after the match. Sean Ross Sapp revealed that Adam Cole was brought to the hospital but was quickly released. Prior to the incident, Cole was sidelined for a few months last year after being diagnosed with a concussion. More updates will be provided soon.

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