Air Traffic outage in Philippines Updated Schedule
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Air traffic outage caused chaos in the Philippines as flight schedules changed with many delays. Thankfully, the flights will resume soon with an updated schedule you can check below.

Air Traffic Outage Philippines delay Update Schedule
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Flights delayed in the Philippines

The air service of the Philippines started on the wrong foot this new year due to a power outage. Nearly 300 domestic and international flights face delays, postponements, and cancellations causing chaos at Manila airport. The changes resulted in misery for 65,000 passengers during holidays.

  • Transportation Secretary Jaime J. Bautista attended an evening news conference to share apologies and assurance for everyone affected. The problem began in the morning when the Air Traffic Management that looks over all the flights in the Philippines airspace faced a power outage. Although there were backup power supplies, it wasn’t enough for the load. Because of this, it unfortunately resulted in a loss of access to the internet, radio, radar, and communication with flights.

Air Traffic Management System Update

The outage in the Air Traffic department resulted in a change in the flight schedule and misery for passengers. Many were outraged and distressed as they were stranded at the airport for more than 10 hours.

  • Manny Pangilinan, the chairman of the telecommunication company PLDT was traveling to Manila from Tokyo when the outage occurred. He shared his frustrations in a Tweet. He was on his way home to Manila, having flown for 3 hours from Tokyo, when the information of the system being down in NAIA arrived. Due to the system crash, he had to travel back to Haneda. 6 hours of useless flying for him. However, the inconvenience and losses to tourism and business are more horrendous, according to Pangilinan.

  • The flight operations partially resume by the afternoon according to an update by CAAP. They started accepting inbound flights again yet many flight cancellations continued through 1st January 2023. Passengers camped at the airport ticketing office waiting for updates. The fiasco faced backlash on the internet from passengers and politicians questioning the root of the power outage.

Philippines Flights Updated Schedule

After the long hours of the new year, the problem of the Air Traffic outage was resolved and flights are resuming with updated schedules. Philippines Airlines shared the updated schedule through its website on 02 January 2023.

  • It will take time to fully restore the schedules. The held-back aircraft will reposition or divert to other airports. The flight timings will be adjusted on basis of revised clearances through coordination with the local authorities.

In addition to some delays caused by these adjustments, they have canceled the following flights for 02 January 2023:


  • PR2808 – Davao/MNL
  • PR1809/1810 – MNL/Davao/MNL
  • PR1811/1812 – MNL/Davao/MNL
  • PR1841/1842 – MNL/Cebu/MNL
  • PR1836 – Cebu/MNL
  • PR1867/1868 – MNL/Cebu/MNL
  • PR1859 – MNL/Cebu
  • PR2781/2782 – MNL/Puerto Princesa/MNL
  • PR2921 – MNL/Legazpi
  • PR2557 – MNL/Dipolog
  • PR2035/2036 – MNL/Caticlan/MNL


  • PR538 – Bali (Denpasar)/MNL
  • PR101/01 – Honolulu/MNL (originally departing from Honolulu on January 1)
  • PR113/01 – Los Angeles/MNL (originally departing from Los Angeles on January 1)

According to recent updates, flights in the Philippines are reported to continue to face delays on 03 January 2023 due to air traffic outage of the new year. All passengers are advised to check the status of their flight before reaching the airport through the Philippines Airlines Website and reach them for emergency concerns on the Hotline: (+632) 8539-0000 / (+632) 8855-8888.

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SOURCES: CNN, Philippines Airlines
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