Albie Casiño’s Mutya ng Cotabato 2023 Performance goes Viral in a Video; Was the actor drunk?

Was Albie Casiño drunk during his performance at Muta Ng Cotabato?

The Filipino actor Albie Casiño recently went viral for his performance at the Mutya ng Cotabato 2023. The actor was invited to liven up the stage at the beauty pageant, and at one point, he began to sing. Hometown Diaries uploaded the six-minute clip of the performance on their Facebook page. The video soon went viral as netizens began to speculate if the actor was drunk. Here’s what happened.

Albie Casiño’s performance of Habang Buhay on Mutya ng Cotabato 2023

The Filipino actor, Alan Benedict “Albie” Lee Casiño, best known for his performance in the remake of Mara Clara, recently went viral for his enthusiasm. At the beginning of the clip, the actor asks the DJ to play the song again. As the beats of Zack Tabudlo’s Habang Buhay fill the auditorium, the actor begins to dance and sing.

  • He also frequently points towards the audience during the performance. Many netizens who came across the clip criticized the enthusiasm and expressed concerns about it being under the influence of alcohol. They also said that he looked like a drunk uncle or someone singing at karaoke.
  • Meanwhile, many people enjoyed his energy and said the performance looked fun. They also defended him saying that Albie is an actor, so one can not expect him to sing like a professional singer. Despite the mixed responses, the enthusiasm of Albie Casiño went viral all over social media. Read some of their reactions below:

Management refutes the drunk claims

The management of actor Albie Casiño gave a statement refuting all the claims of him being under the influence of alcohol during his performance at the Mutya ng Cotabato 2023PEP Troika reached out to the actor’s manager, Leo Dominguez, who confirmed that the actor was sober.

  • Furthermore, he shared that Casiño, who is suffering from ADHD, just wished to entertain the audience after having sung for the candidates. Dominguez also disclosed the actor’s hectic schedule.
  • Albie caught a 5 AM flight and traveled to the event by road two hours after attending rehearsals without any sleep. He felt exhausted but the actor still wished to deliver a lively performance for the audience.
  • The organizers of the event also didn’t raise any objections to his enthusiastic performances or log any complaints about his behavior. Albie matched the expectations despite exhaustion and sleeplessness.

More about Albie Casiño

Albie Casiño is a famous Filipino actor who has worked on soap operas like Los Bastardos, Pusong Ligaw, and On The Wings of Love. He also appeared in the Pinoy Big Brother Season 10 and gained a significant amount of fans after his elimination. Previously, the actor expressed his gratitude through his Instagram, thanking the fans for showering him with love and sending many gifts, including food.

  • On the other side of showbiz, Albie recently gave an update to ShaiBie fans, loveteam of him and actress Shanaia Gomez. He shared that he still hasn’t gone on a sisig date with the actress-singer due to his busy schedule. However, Casiño has openly admitted his attraction towards Gomez and introduced her as his crush.

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