Albion Online: Best Features in the Knightfall Update

Albion Online update best features

The massive Knightfall update brings impactful new features and improvements to Albion Online’s deep sandbox world. From evolving the dangerous Mist-shrouded continent of Avalon to enhancing Roads of Avalon guild warfare, Knightfall pushes Albion’s expansive PvP and PvE opportunities forward. New dungeons, activities, gear, combat changes, quality-of-life upgrades, and more await enterprising adventurers. Read on for Albion Online: Best Features in the Knightfall Update.

New Gameplay Opportunities in the Mists

The Knightfall update introduces more gameplay variety to the open-world Mists with the addition of treasure Coffers and rewards Caches.

Albion Online
Albion Online Update Changes (Image by Albion Online)

Coffers for Small Group Play

  • Coffers reveal their location only to nearby players, encouraging small group play and conflict. While they contain less valuable loot than the broadcasted Treasures, Coffers spawn much more frequently. This provides small groups more opportunities to fight over rewards.

Reward Caches for All Players

  • Caches can now spawn in mob camps and unlock personal loot for each player who completes the camp. The rarity and rewards are generated per player, so each Cache is a surprise. Common Caches contain scaling Fame, while rarer Caches can have valuable items. Regardless of gear or group size, this gives all players a chance at exciting loot from mob camps.
  • However, some minor loot sources were nerfed to fund the addition of Coffers and Caches. Wisps now give 40% less Might and Favor. The intention is to shift rewards between sources, keeping overall Fame per hour unchanged.

New Dungeon

A new dungeon, Knightfall Abbey, offers more valuable loot than the open Mists generally offer. The Arthurian environment reflects Albion’s history. New mechanics reward players for clearing the dungeons quickly.

Treasures and Coffers also spawn in the dungeon—the rewards scale is based on Mists tier and rarity like other dungeons. At higher levels, more players are allowed more significant risks and rewards.

New Gears

Knightfall introduces several new gear sets with powerful abilities.

Avalonian Capes

  • Crafted using Avalonian Energy and new Avalonian Cape Crests from Energy Manipulators
  • Ability: Force Pulse
    • Activates on normal attacks
    • Damages enemies in a 6m radius
    • Reduces the damage of hit enemies by 15% for 4s

Brecilien Capes

  • Crafted using new Faerie Fire component and Brecilien Crests
  • Ability: Fey Barrier
    • Activates when casting head armor spell
    • Applies a 200 damage shield for 3s
    • Removes debuffs and grants debuff immunity during shield
    • Does not block crowd control or damage over time effects

Owl Mounts

  • Raised from baby Owlets purchased in Brecilien
  • Saddled Mystic Owl: Very fast T5 mount but reduces max load
  • Elite Mystic Owl: T8 version with “Glide” active ability

Wanderer Avatar

  • New Avatar and Ring by reaching max Brecilien standing
  • Rewards dedicated Brecilien players

The new abilities create exciting opportunities for reactive defense and offense. Meanwhile, the Mystic Owls provide speedy new mount options. Reaching maximum reputation unlocks prestigious cosmetic rewards.

Improvements to Roads of Avalon

Albion Online
Albion Online Update Changes (Image by Albion Online)

Several changes improve the Roads of Avalon experience. Elite camps now respawn much faster, bosses give substantially more Fame, and difficulty is reduced. Since declaring a Headquarters without a Booster saves Energy during construction, guilds can better focus their resources.

Traveling costs 50% less Silver. The refund mechanic on Deadly Swipe was improved. Mob density was increased in larger road regions. Hideouts connect more dynamically to keep traffic high across all Roads regions.

More Character Customization and Travel Mode

Players can now change their character’s gender for Gold through the Appearance UI while keeping all their active vanity, equipment, and character-bound unlocks.

Travel Mode simplifies traversing Albion’s massive open world. It overlays a transparent version of your region’s map centered on your character. Open Travel Mode using Hotkey Shift + N or dragging the minimap. Transparency can be adjusted.

Repairing Items Via Marketplace and UI Improvements

A great convenience update allows players to repair items via the Marketplace UI, even if they are too damaged to sell. This provides an accessible repair option anywhere in the world.

Albion Online
Albion Online Update Changes (Image by Albion Online)

The Knightfall update contains many UI enhancements:

  • Dedicated World Boss UI window
  • Automatic scrolling in Bank search/filters
  • Separate minimap zoom settings for cities and open-world
  • Streamlined city transition tooltips
  • Search bar for Achievements
  • New “Ranged DPS” role in Party UI
  • Always viewable Claim Rewards interface
  • Added desktop brightness slider
  • Selectable offscreen nametags
Additional Combat Balance Changes

Furthermore, the update also continues balancing weapons and gear. Cursed Staffs, Daggers, Fire Staffs, Frost Staffs, Hammers, Maces, Helmets, Armors, Capes, and Mounts received a variety of buffs and nerfs.

Cursed Staffs

  • Vile Curse damage is reduced in 1v1s. Cooldown increased to 2.4s.
  • Cursed Sickle projectile speeds became more reliable, hitting once but easier to dodge on return.
  • Cursed Tar radius and range increased for backline play.
  • Demonic Staff consumes max 2 Vile Curse stacks instead of all. Fear duration rescaled for group fights.


  • Deadly Swipe energy cost increased, but energy refund on hit also increased. Reduces mobility impact while fighting.

Fire Staffs

  • Pyroblast reworked to target enemies, increasing reliability automatically. Various cast time and damage values were adjusted.
  • Infernal Staff’s Flame Trail now Fears instead of silence. There is also improved ground effect detection.

Frost Staffs

  • Frost Lance cast time was removed for kiting playstyle.


  • Forge Hammers’ Giant Steps slow effect reduced from 50% to 20%.


  • Sacred Ground duration was reduced from 6s to 5s.
  • The defensive Slam range increased and now grants CC resistance to allies. There is also faster cast and recovery times.


  • Hunter Hood reflects damage reduced from 100% to 85%.
  • Cultist Cowl’s Inner Corruption damage can’t be reflected anymore, reducing the damage.
  • Other underused helmets like Cowl of Purity, Hellion Hood, and more were buffed.
  • Knight Helmet no longer grants CC resistance.


  • Mercenary Jacket’s healing was reduced slightly.
  • Mistwalker Jacket’s Mist Cloud now slows the caster by 20%. Increased energy cost.


  • Bridgewatch Cape now creates a sandstorm aura when casting the E ability. Reduces enemy CC resistance.
  • Morgana Cape activates at the start of the E cast instead of the end.


  • Mounting is completely disallowed in 5v5 Arenas and Crystal Arenas.

Overall, the Knightfall update takes big steps forward in evolving Albion Online’s expansive open-world gameplay. The major highlights are the new opportunities in the Mists, dungeon, gear, Road improvements, customization, Travel Mode, item repair, combat changes, and quality of life upgrades.

While open-world PvP and PvE got plenty of attention this patch, Albion continues striving to improve combat balance across all playstyles. The small-scale arena restrictions show their commitment to refining the competitive 5v5 experience as well.

With exciting new dungeons, activities, gear, and QoL features, Knightfall pushes Albion Online forward as one of the deepest and most engaging open-world MMOs available today.

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