All Anime x Seiko collabs so far, Where to buy

No one can go wrong with styling your outfits with the perfect watches, and Seiko knows that. Seiko, a Japanese watch company, has been steadily growing in the watch industry since 1881, and they know what its market wants. Aside from coming up with stylish, sporty, and formal designs, they do have some fun collaborating too, especially with their Japanese anime. We’ll provide you the list of limited edition Anime x Seiko collabs so far. Maybe most are rare to find and out of stock, but maybe we may find some sales on the Internet to purchase and flex on your wrist.

Anime x Seiko collabs

If you’re an anime fan or a watch enthusiast, you can probably enjoy this list we have for you. Anyways, without any more segues, let’s start shopping!


Of course, Seiko wouldn’t miss producing ONE PIECE-inspired designs, never. ONE PIECE considers to be the longest-running Japanese anime in history, and collaborations are here and there. Recently, we have mentioned the Vans x ONE PIECE collab, and fans can’t wait for that too.

Anime x Seiko collabs, ONE PIECE
Image Courtesy of Seiko Watches
  • So for today, if you have a plan on purchasing a new watch, and you have the budget, then do yourself a favor and check out this collab. Although this was the most recent collaboration last 2021, we don’t think Seiko has this for sale anymore. But just a piece of information, the designs are made for a street-style outfit, and five designs were out for sale. Law, Sanji, Luffy, Zoro, and Sabo have different colors and designs that would surely fit your preference. You may still check out the page here!

Naruto x Seiko

Next stop, let’s go over the crowd-favorite anime, Naruto, and its collab with Seiko watches. Seiko surely knows how to get its market with these collaborations. If you’re into sports fashion or just simply love a sporty watch, this Naruto x Seiko 5 Sports series could have been the one for you.

Anime x Seiko collabs, NARUTO
Image Courtesy of Seiko Watches
  • Unfortunately, this collab has limited edition designs and was released way back in 2020. It’s quite uncertain if Seiko still produces them, but according to their website, it’s probably out of stock. Do try and check eBay or Sakura Watches for availability! However, let’s still take a peek at the list of designs for their collab. Naruto and Boruto serve as the headliners for this collection, while Sasuke, Shikamaru, Lee, Gaara, and Sarada have their designs too.

Haikyuu!! x Seiko

If you love the volleyball anime Haikyuu!!, and you didn’t see that this collab was released last 2019, you’ll get disappointed (just like me). Honestly, I’m pretty excited to write this article, but this part broke me. Anyways, on Haikyuu’s fifth anniversary, they teamed up with Seiko Watches to celebrate it!

Image Courtesy of Carousell
  • Since this collab is part of their limited edition collection, the Haikyuu!! x Seiko is nowhere to be found on Seiko’s official website. However, if you want to purchase, we may have bumped into a few lists on eBay! But before going there, do have a sneak peek of Karasuno, Aoba Johsai, Nekoma, and Fukurodani’s leather-laced watches. These are actually perfect for some formal to semi-formal outfits!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind x Seiko

Okay, another anime up on this list would be JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind collaboration with Seiko Watches. Seriously, the most celebrated watch brand really enjoys having collaborations with big animation series from Japan, and pretty sure, fans are pumped up too! Way back in 2019, this collection went to the market, and just like all other products, it quickly sold out. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure GW x Seiko Watches revealed eight designs based on the eight characters of the anime.

Anime x Seiko collabs, JOJO'S
Screengrab Image Courtesy of tiktok4watch via YouTube
  • You may see them in the photo above the designs for Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Leone Abbacchio, Guido Mista, Narancia Ghirga, Pannacotta Fugo, Trish Una, and Diavolo. This style is perfect for fans and people who love to play with colors, but still, keep it stylish and elegant. The leather laces bring out sophistication while the colors bring fun. Although it is currently not found on Seiko’s website, there are still some lists up on the net, like Japan Select, and eBay.

Fate Grand Order x Seiko

This seems to be one of the most known collaborations that made its mark on the market. The design was made at its finest, even the details are perfect for the fans. They have released a few series of the Fate x Seiko collection. The two companies released three designs in 2020, while a single watch came out in 2021.

Anime x Seiko collabs, FATE
Image Courtesy of From Japan
  • The three models are shown above, the Saber, Mash, and Archer designs. Just by looking at the photo, you can see the intricate design of each watch. The blue dial with its Chrono hand shaped like a sword is something elegant to see. There may still be a few stocks left on different sites, like CD Japan, eBay, and more.

Anime x Seiko collabs Runner-ups

Of course, we’ll have the runner-ups here, we wouldn’t miss it! So here it goes!

  • Studio Ghibli x Seiko: Check out this 2021 collaboration last year between the famous production company and Seiko Watches! Dive into the Castle in the Sky details of this featured watch, and maybe you’ll fall in love just like I did.
  • ONE PIECE Anniversary x Seiko: To celebrate ONE PIECE’s 20th anniversary, they collaborated with Seiko to form these timepieces. It has two designs, one has a deep red dial plate, while the other is in deep blue color.
  • Street Fighter x Seiko 5 Sports: You wouldn’t want to let go of this opportunity if you are a fan of Street Fighter. You may browse six different designs that we’re sure you’re going to love. Pick from the characters Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Blanka, and Zangief. Are you ready to battle?

Ready to flex your timepieces, anime fans?

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