All Dirt Blocks in Minecraft and where to find them

A Dirt Block in Minecraft

Block is the very foundation of Minecraft, Dirt Blocks being the most common of the lot. Any and everything that is seen in the game, mob, world, and even you are made of blocks. Upon spawning, you will see some form of a Dirt Block, usually covered in green grass.

While there is a plethora of other blocks available in the game, Dirt Blocks are the most accessible ones. And for temporary things you build, these can get the job done in the initial phase at least.

Dirt Blocks are of several kinds and they spawn throughout the world spanning across different biomes. This guide will help you distinguish between different Dirt Blocks and help you find them as well.

All types of Dirt Blocks in Minecraft

There are a total of eight types of Dirt Blocks currently in Minecraft. Here is everything you need to know about them.


A creeper on Dirt block
A creeper on Dirt block – Image via Minecraft

One of the most common blocks in the game, these can be found anywhere you spot grass or stone. Once you take care of the first grass plot, you will see Dirt beneath it going a few blocks deeper.

You can collect them easily by using a shovel or simply tapping away with your bare hands. And if a shovel with Silk Touch is not used then a grass plot will go into your inventory as Dirt.

Grass block

Grass block in the overworld
Grass block in the overworld – Image via Minecraft

Usually, upon spawning, this block is the only thing that you can see across the horizon. One of the most common blocks in Minecraft, it exists across almost all biomes in the overworld.

All types of trees, bushes, grass, and flowers are grown on this block variant. And, the only way to obtain a grass block is by using a shovel with Silk Touch enchantment.

Rooted dirt

Rooted dirt growing flowers
Rooted dirt growing flowers – Image via Minecraft

This type of Dirt Block is only seen right above the Lush Cave biome. Added in Minecraft in the 1.17 update, a rooted dirt block can be found under an Azalea tree. Upon digging close to the tree, you will find a block that is a tad bit different than usual dirt blocks.

You can get these blocks by digging all the way down from the Azalea tree. These blocks go all the way down to the very Lush Cave biome over which you found the tree.


Crops growing in Farmland
Crops growing in Farmland – Image via Minecraft

Just like in the real world, farmland blocks can only be made artificially. These are the blocks that help you farm and harvest crops throughout the Minecraft overworld.

Once you use a hoe on normal grass or dirt block, a farmland block is created. It is advisable to keep a water body close to it allowing the blocks to become fertile for farming. Otherwise, you will have to manually water them on dry days.

Coarse dirt

Coarse dirt in Minecraft
Coarse dirt in Minecraft – Image via Minecraft

This mixture of gravel and dirt can be easily spotted as grass never grows on them. You can harvest them from the old growth taiga biome, windswept savanna, and wooded badlands using a shovel.


Podzol in the old growth taiga biome
Old growth taiga biome showcasing Podzol blocks – Image via Minecraft

Podzol is another kind of block that does not grow any grass. These can be distinguished from coarse dirt with the help of their brownish texture. These blocks can be found in the old growth taiga biome and bamboo forests.

Harvesting them will help you to grow many saplings and flowers on them. The best use is that these are the only blocks where mushrooms grow properly.

Dirt path

Dirt path in Minecraft
Dirt path in Minecraft – Image via Minecraft

Every player has at least seen a dirt path block in their lives several times at least. If you ever visit a village situated in the overworld, you will see these blocks leading through the village connecting different houses.

These blocks are named as such because they lead you through the village path. You can collect them using shovels. And any dirt block can be turned into a dirt path by simply pressing on right-click while holding out your shovel.


Mycelium in the mushroom biome
Mycelium in the mushroom biome – Image via Minecraft

One of if not the rarest dirt blocks in the game, Mycelium can be found in the mushroom field biome. This block can only grow mushrooms and nothing else can be grown on these blocks.

The only possibility of gaining a Mycelium dirt block is by digging them with a Silk Touch enchanted shovel. Once you place one Mycelium block around normal dirt blocks, it spreads like cancer and soon will cover a large area around the initial spot.

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