All Gotham Knights characters we know so far

WB Games Montréal and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment may have one of the most anticipated games for everyone this year. Although a few dismay and discussions popped out regarding the 30 FPS limit on consoles, the Gotham Knights game has been the talk of the town. The game releases on Friday, October 21st, so if you want to know each Gotham Knights character and more about the game, then you may keep on reading. Moreover, we’ll focus on all Gotham Knights characters that we know so far, so are you in for getting to know who’s who in the action game? Let’s go!

Gotham Knights characters

Before we step into the newest characters, you should know the setting of the game first. Gotham Knights is set in the city of Gotham where Batman has been living and saving from villains for a very long while. However, in this game, the city faces Batman’s death, and who are they going to look for in times of help? That’s probably the question that this list of characters may help you with.

Batgirl AKA Barbara Gordon

If there’s Batman, of course, there’s a counterpart, the Batgirl enters as the first character on our list. Formerly known as Oracle, you may play Batgirl in the game as she is included in the four main characters. Similar to Batman, Batgirl has a grappling hook that helps her attach herself to walls to climb and such.

Gotham Knight character, Batgirl
Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • Batgirl has been a huge help to Batman, especially with her tech-savvy skills. She can hack, she can locate, and she can use computers in any way she wants to, Batgirl’s that good. In the game, you may see her equipped with her tonfa which adjusts to some kind of length it can. Seriously, this Gotham Knight character may be the only female lead, but we’re damn sure she can hit all her enemies hard.

Robin AKA Tim Drake

If you know Batman, you probably know that he has a sidekick, Robin. In this game, Robin stars along with the three other Gotham Knights. Play as Robin, the youngest among the main characters, and be a highly skilled combatant. Robin may be young but he definitely has a high IQ in fighting against the evil guys terrorizing Gotham.

Gotham Knight character, Robin
Screengrab Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • Robin utilizes a quarterstaff in fighting enemies. Also, you may want to look out for his gadgets ready for any attack he’ll make. Most of the time he may make use of his collapsible quarterstaff, but pretty sure when you see the gadgets he has, his enemies would wish they never crossed paths with Batman’s trusty sidekick.

Nightwing AKA Dick Grayson

Another addition to the playable characters in the action RPG game, let’s welcome Nightwing! In the comics, it is said that Nightwing happens to be Robin’s identity after he left Batman. Nonetheless, with all the skills he may have acquired during the battles with Batman, it’s understandable that he’s one of the Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knight character, Nightwing
Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • He still has his escrima sticks as his main weapon. We can be sure that Nightwing can be deadly as he can be when he has his combat weapon. The sticks may have been upgraded to emit some elemental waves too. But if you think he only has his escrima sticks, you got that wrong! Nightwing has these gizmos for him to shoot projectiles at his enemies from a distance. Try him out!

Red Hood AKA Jason Todd

Lastly, for our main characters, we have Red Hood for you to play in the Gotham Knights too. This Gotham Knight character would very well take you by surprise. In the comics, what we know is that the Joker may have killed him off but with Gotham Knights, it shows that his story doesn’t end there.

Gotham Knight character, Red Hood
Screengrab Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube
  • As how it looks right now, Red Hood resurrected and is once again ready to defend Gotham City. It might look like he’s an anti-hero at first because he’s known as the black sheep of the Batfamily, we learn that it’s just a few misunderstandings and contradictions between him and the rest of the team. Nonetheless, he’ll be the main character you can use, along with his twin pistols.

Other characters in Gotham Knights

From all the Gotham Knights characters above, who will play? Check out the other characters below while you’re still thinking about who to choose!

Batman and Clayface
Screengrab Image Courtesy of DC via YouTube, @GothamKnights via Twitter
  • Batman AKA Bruce Wayne: Maybe we can say the OG Gotham Knights character. We all know Batman and his absence in the game. Just a bunch of protégés to keep Gotham City safe from all the enemies. Interesting, right?
  • Clayface AKA Basil Karlo: The other characters are mostly antagonists, and Clayface belongs to this list too. He’s with Harley Quinn in the trailer, although there’s not much information about him yet.
Harley and Freeze
Image Courtesy of @GothamKnights via Twitter, DC via YouTube
  • Harley Quinn AKA Harleen Quinzel: Well, well, well, maybe the female lead’s face-off would be nice, right? It’s possible that Harley Quinn is filling in the shoes of the Joker for this game. She appears to be the main reason why Gotham City’s quite damaged.
  • Mr. Freeze AKA Victor Fries: One of the antagonists seen in the trailer is Mr. Freeze. No specific details yet on how and when you can face the character, but be sure to dodge his freeze attacks!
Penguin and Court of Owls
Image Courtesy of @GothamKnights via Twitter, DC via YouTube
  • Penguin AKA Oswald Cobblepot: Antagonists? Of course, DC wouldn’t miss putting Penguin in the game. You may see him in the trailer sharing a few of his thoughts with the main characters. But we know it’s hard to trust someone with a bad background. Will the Penguin lead our Gotham Knights into the hands of the Court of Owls?
  • The Court of Owls: What Batman-themed game would be complete without the Court of Owls? As long as this organization exists, they lurk at night and watch over Gotham City in the shroud of darkness. They may know how Batman died, but it would be a clash when the Gotham Knights finally come face to face with The Court of Owls. Are you ready for that action?

Who is your pick for the Gotham Knights character?

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