All Kobe Bryant documentaries: The Black Mamba series

All Kobe Bryant documentaries The Black Mamba series

Are any basketball fans around? Time flies too fast, it’s been two years since the legendary Kobe Bryant left the earth. Although before the tragic incident, Bryant had been a regular in different documentaries, sit-down podcasts, and such. The icon will forever be in the hearts of basketball and non-basketball fans, so Netflix and ESPN may have something up on their sleeves. So while you’re here, do you enjoy binge-watching documentaries? If so, here is a list of Kobe Bryant documentaries and the rumored (and awaited) Black Mamba series.

Kobe Bryant documentaries

In his 20-year career, Kobe made his name known all over the globe. His basketball skills and IQ, his leading the Los Angeles Lakers, and being a family person, a father, and wife to his family. You can see it in this list of documentaries here.

The Black Mamba series

Just to clear things up, if you ever encountered this title and even the poster, this is unconfirmed. It is said that this Black Mamba series is a Netflix and ESPN and should be available by August this year. However, this seems to be untrue and just a fanmade poster. But if Netflix and ESPN may want to take inspiration, they may want to look at this material, pretty sure fans would love to see the Black Mamba series.

The Redeem Team (2022)

This isn’t solely based on Kobe Bryant’s life, but the US Basketball Team in the 2008 Olympics. This recently came to Netflix about last month, and people have been missing the Black Mamba more. Follow the story of the US team, where Kobe and Lebron, along with the squad in a redemption journey to the gold medal. Mike Krzyzewski heads the 2008 team, with all-star players on his roster like Bryant, James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd, and Chris Paul among others. Watch how the story of these superstars unfold and be as a team in Beijing.

Kobe Bryant documentaries, The Redeem Team
Image Courtesy of Netflix
  • The documentary runs for an hour and 38 minutes and consists of games footages, interviews, and news coverage for you to watch out for. The Redeem Team may be streamed on Netflix, so you may check it out now!

Superstar: Kobe Bryant (TV Episode, 2021)

ABC News Superstar TV special series has featured a few icons in different fields like Whitney Houston and Robin Williams among others. It is an hour-long documentary series that not just talks about the basketball fame of Kobe, but also about off-court Kobe. His family life, and his tragic death in a helicopter crash. Superstar: Kobe Bryant also consists of archives that may dive deep into Kobe’s life with his words.

  • This Kobe Bryant documentary was released last August 18th, 2021. You may stream the series on Hulu, you may check out their official website.

HBO Real Sports’ Kobe Bryant Retrospective (2020)

If you don’t have an HBO subscription right now, maybe this is your sign to finally subscribe. The sports program Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel has been on air starting 1995 covering sporting events and controversies ever since. We added this to the list of Kobe Bryant documentaries to get a grasp of the Black Mamba’s head after he retired from the NBA in 2016. Moreover, in 2000, the Real Sports show met Bryant after the LAL’s three-peat championship. However, when the unfortunate event took Kobe and her daughter Gianna, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel stitched the two Kobe segments and added the saddening incident before it was released. Get to know Kobe’s production company, his life after retirement, just before his story closed when everything’s just about to start.

Kobe Bryant documentaries, HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
Image Courtesy of HBO
  • You may stream it on HBO Real Sports Facebook to get to see the Black Mamba again on screen. For easier access, you may head over to this link.

Kobe: Father, Husband, & Legend (2020)

BET & ET Present: Kobe: Father, Husband, & Legend came as a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant which focused more on his legendary career in the world of the NBA. A legacy with all the championship rings he accumulated, his accomplishments, and his loyalty to the LAL. A portion featuring his love for his wife and his daughters. He may be a father, a husband, and a legend, maybe we can also add a filmmaker. Dive into Kobe’s creative side when BET & ET also features his award-winning short film, Dear Basketball.

The Black Mamba Kobe Bryant documentaries, Kobe Father, Husband, Legend
Image Courtesy of Amazon
  • If you are interested in this Kobe Bryant documentary, you may want to proceed to this link. Share your thoughts with us below!

All the Smoke: Kobe Bryant (2019)

Before we lost Bryant in this world in January 2020, he did his last interview via video podcast with Showtime. The All the Smoke video podcast episode involves Bryant talking about his career with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. He talked about his toughest fights and competitors in the tournaments, in the court. And a heart-wrecking life of what awaits him after his long years of balling, which is cut short by the incident. The basketball legend planned to perhaps continue the art of filmmaking after his short film Dear Basketball brought him an Oscar. A special tribute came out when All the Smoke featured their reactions to his passing and a few interviews of Bryant’s competitors on the court.

  • In case you missed this one, you may catch it on Showtime. Maybe it would be nice to have your tissues ready if you’re quite a cryer when watching.

Dear Basketball (2017)

We know that this isn’t a documentary but we’ll still add it to the list of Kobe Bryant documentaries. If you want to take a look at the late legend’s creativity in the form of filmmaking, then you may want to watch this one. Dear Basketball is an Oscar-winning animated short film directed by Glen Keane. The short film runs at a five-minute length that is based on the Black Mamba’s love for the game and his retirement poem. He made his goodbye to basketball a hello to a new beginning in a different industry, in films.

  • Hear and see how Kobe feels about his beloved sport in Amazon. You may access this link here and purchase it if you are interested to watch it.

More documentaries

Here are a few more documentaries of the late athlete, check them out below!

  • The Book of Kobe Bryant (2022)
  • Kobe Bryant: The Greatest of All (2021)
  • Farewell: A Kobe Bryant Documentary (2021)
  • Spike Lee’s Lil’ Joints: Italian Imports (2015)
  • Kobe Bryant’s Muse (2015)

That’s all for now, readers. Let’s relive the Black Mamba mentality, shall we?

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