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Hey players, maybe it is time to upgrade your PS5 consoles to a new style. As PlayStation has recently released its new Gray Camouflage Collection for the PS5 accessories. This collection is available for DualSense wireless controllers, PS5 console covers (disc/digital editions), and the Pulse 3D wireless headset.

With its camouflage aesthetic covers, players who love playing battlefield-type games would enjoy it so much. Players would certainly get into the vibes when playing the game even more. Making this certainly a must-have camouflage collection for every PS5 owner.

So let’s get to know when the release date and how to get this camouflage collection. Read more to find out!

The release date and how to buy the new PS5 Camouflage Collection

Pre-order date
  • The pre-order begins next week on September 15, Thursday. While 7 countries are going to have early access in getting the collection through These countries are the U.S.A., U.K., Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg.
PS5 Camouflage Collection
Image Courtesy of PlayStation
Release date
  • On October 14, Friday, both DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console covers are going to be available all over the world. However, it is only going to be available at while all supplies last. So you must be fast in getting it.
  • Then on October 28, the collection is going to be available in other verified retailers as well. So you may start inquiring now about all the near retailers in your area.
  • Moreover, the release date for the Pulse 3D wireless headset was not yet released. However, it was said that it would available in December this year.
Where to buy it?
  • There are no other announcements aside from it going to be available on and your local retailers. Even the pricelist of the collection has also not been announced.
  • Also, take note that all accessories for this collection are sold separately. Then the availability of the collections is only when supplies last once the selling starts. Therefore, you have to buy it quickly before it runs out.

Price basis from the previous collection

Since there is no pricelist yet, we can base the price on the previous color covers collection. The PS5 console covers costs $54.99. While the DualSence wireless controllers cost $74.99. Unfortunately, there was no Pulse 3D wireless headset for this collection.

The price of the camouflage collection could be around the price of the color covers. So you may take it as your basis before you buy it. Start saving money now before the pre-order starts. But if you are also interested in getting color covers, you may buy and check the availability here.

All we have to do is wait for further announcements about the camouflage collection, especially for its price. So make sure to follow their official social media accounts to get the latest updates. You may also check their website from time to time.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. In the comments below, let us know your thoughts about the new PS5 camouflage set. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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