All-new Rick C-137 lands in MultiVersus; are there more Ricks to come?

MultiVersus Rick arrival

Okay, we may want to calm down first. Breathe in, breathe out, inhale, exhale. I know, we know it’s been a while since we had news about a new character coming into MultiVersus. And the agony of waiting may end as very soon as it can. Gizmo came to the game around two weeks ago, and *ahem* developers, any new drops? They did drop something new yesterday, hmm MultiVersus Rick C-137? Stay with us!

MultiVersus new character

Look out! You may be mad about the slow addition of characters but worry no more because another mad person is coming. And with that, we meant that the mad scientist is coming very soon to MultiVersus!

  • UPDATE: MultiVersus drops a Rick teaser today (September 24) on Twitter, in case you missed it! Let’s go, mad scientist!

  • In a Tweet yesterday via @MVSgaming, they answered a fan’s question about Rick’s arrival to the game. The smartest man alive (which was confirmed in Rick and Morty Season 5) joins the roster of the fighting game!
  • Smartest man alive in the series of course, as he is always the mastermind of every situation. He’s unmatched in the cartoon series, no one can even outsmart him, so can we expect the same on his arrival?

  • Fans on the reply section may have gone mad after the Tweet was sent. By mad, we meant that people had a few candidates up on the replies. Some were mentioning different characters as the ‘smartest man alive in the universe’. But read through the fan’s question: they’re asking about Rick C-137.
  • So, the fans’ madness (or confusion for some) may have calmed for a bit. Although, no specific date had been given, except for a “very soon” remark. Can we expect it this week?

MultiVersus Rick’s arrival

So the arrival’s this week? Hmm, probably no. But maybe we can expect a specific date by the end of the week. We hope that what they mean by very soon would be next week at the latest.

  • A few datamined information here and there, @LaisulMV (if you’re familiar with AisulMV that account was suspended, RIP, but they made a new one!) may have mentioned that Rick is once again being tested in the servers.

More about Rick

  • And now we wait and wonder what can Rick use as he is under Mage or Ranged class. With all his scientific knowledge, do you think he’ll get to win over the other Brawlers?
  • Oh, also, if there are Ricks on many dimensions, which Rick would land in MultiVersus? Are there more Ricks to come? Well, Rick C-137 may come with in-game skins, maybe even bring the crazy Rick Prime or Quantum Rick? Oh, let’s find out when they drop new info!

Other characters

Before we cap off this one, fans have been expecting a few more characters this Season 1, and MultiVersus may want to address that. A total of two certain characters will be added this season. Peek at their key art!
Image Courtesy of MultiVersus
  • Moreover, let’s wait for the arrival of DC’s Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe. These two have been confirmed to arrive when the game’s banner included the two characters. There are a few characters that have been seen around the servers by data miners, though none are confirmed. But we hope we can hear new Brawler names soon!
  • No specific date yet, but we hope we see them next month! For now, let’s get excited about Rick C-137’s arrival into the world of MultiVersus! Also, there is a rumor circulating that the second season of the game may begin on November 2022. Again, this is only a rumor, so let’s wait for the official announcement by the developers. Are you excited about this, players? Because we sure are!
Is Rick ready to beat Brawlers off the platforms?
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