All Poppy Playtime Merch Commercials; Ranked

Poppy Playtime has been out for not more than two years but it already has a big following. MOB Games is dedicated to bringing new merch to Poppy Playtime fans and they do this by promoting the merch with unusual yet interesting commercials.

If you’re still thinking of getting yourself some Poppy Playtime merch, check out all their commercials below. Just a heads up that most of the game’s merch features a certain blue friend we had the luck of “playing” with in the first chapter.

MOB Games released different kinds of commercials for Poppy Playtime merch since its launch

For Poppy Playtime players who have been here since the beginning, it’s amazing to see a game that began as a Kickstarter project get a huge following. Poppy Playtime was first released in October of 2021 and since then, fans have been looking forward to new content from MOB Games.

Another amazing feat achieved by the team behind Poppy Playtime is releasing a merch line for the game. The game is especially popular with children for an odd reason.

This might explain why the Poppy Playtime commercials feature the smiling faces of characters like Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs.

Here’s a rundown of all the Poppy Playtime commercials released since its first launch. We’re also ranking them based on how creative and interesting they are.

#1: Back to School with Huggy Wuggy (September)

MOB Games is known to have fun with the way they promote their merch. One example would be them making fun of bootlegs which shows just how good-natured this game company is.

All Poppy Playtime Merch Commercials Ranked - Huggy 1
Image Courtesy of MOB Games
  • In this particular commercial, they have fun promoting their back-to-school merch as Huggy Wuggy watches over three students.
  • Huggy locks up a child after seeing that he has Poppy Playtime merch and after that, the child meets another student who is “in for merch, too.”
  • They didn’t hold back in showcasing Huggy Wuggy’s scary teeth as he catches the student in the act.

Among the commercials, this is the one we like the most because of its creativity and weirdness. And as they say, weird is good… sometimes.

#2: Poppy Playtime x Youtooz collaboration

This commercial is one of our favorites because of that retro feel similar to the clips we watched in the game.

    • As for the merch itself, they truly capture the scariness of Huggy Wuggy’s razor-sharp teeth.
    • Meanwhile, Poppy’s model looks adorable with her eyes closed like that.

Another thing we like about this commercial is how creative the team behind it was. It starts out with a fun and playful vibe. But as it goes on, we catch a glimpse of the horrors we encounter in Poppy Playtime.

#3: Back to School (August)

  • This commercial leaned on the simpler and more direct side of promoting their merch line.
  • But we do appreciate the slight jumpscare it gave us when they showcased what the pencil pouch looks like when unzipped.

Out of all the Poppy Playtime merch commercials, this felt the most “commercial” one because of how direct and quick it was.

#4: Poppy Playtime’s first merch commercial

Since this is the first commercial endorsing Poppy Playtime merch, it’s only normal for MOB Games to go for a tamer mood. And based on the apparel showcased in the commercial, they didn’t want to go all out with the violence we see in the game.

  • Though they did hint at Huggy Wuggy being violent (the arm in his mouth), they just focused on displaying his smiling face.
  • Compared to the other videos on this list, this Poppy Playtime commercial relies on the humor of the narrator to promote the merch rather than the horror vibe of the game.
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Those are all the commercials from Poppy Playtime showcasing their merch. We’d love to know which one is your favorite out of the four. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

You can get official Poppy Playtime merch from this website. The game is also available on Steam and mobile devices (Android and iOS). As of now, the first chapter is free for those playing on the PC.

If you have other questions about Poppy Playtime, feel free to share them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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