Anthem is EA’s most anticipated game of 2018, and there is no doubt about it.

During E3, the developers sat down and shared some really interesting details with us about the game.

About the game: Anthem is EA’s upcoming open world survival video game being developed by Bioware under their parent organisation, Electronic Arts. The game is due for release on the  22nd of February 2019.

Gameplay: The primary focus on Anthem is directed towards the powerful armours called Javelins. You, the player take on the role of a freelancer, donning the suit of your desire. Yes, you heard that right. There are four different types of suits with individual attributes.

What you do in Anthem: Your aim is to fight against the powerful aliens while at the same time exploring the environment  for feels and rewards. All this will be accomplished from within the suits that protect you against the hazards of nature.

Game-Modes: With great enthusiasm and a lot of hope, Anthem is bringing two game-modes(for the time being) to entertain its players. The single player mode brings with it a story-based campaign which is ideal for solo players. In contrast, the co-op mode allows four players to enter a lobby and enjoy the campaign mission. The only difference being is that the single player campaign will be harder than the co-op mode.

Bioware have also stated that they have heeded the demands of the community and have aimed towards making Anthem more customer friendly. Because of that, it will be completely devoid of loot-boxes and any such additives which reflect badly on the developers and the publishers.

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