Before there was F.E.A.R and Outlast, there was Alone in The Dark. Almost three decades after its initial launch in 1992, the Alone in The Dark remake is all set in stone for release. For the uninitiated, Alone in The Dark was the game that kickstarted the 3rd person horror survival genre of games. It went on to even set the world record for “First Ever 3D Survival Horror Game”

Alone in The Dark gameplay
courtesy of Steam
  • The new Alone in The Dark Remake is coming for PC and new-gen consoles, including PS5, and Xbox Series. In 2018 THQ Nordic took over AITD’s rights. A decision to remake the game comes in the form of ‘reimagining the original’.
  • Pieces Interactive has been leading the game’s development since 2019. Developed by Infogames, the Alone in The Dark game was based on the writings of H.P Lovecraft.

The Legacy of Alone in The Dark

  • Alone in The Dark didn’t end with only one original. The game’s popularity kickstarted an entire franchise. However, the second rendition took things separate from the original of 1992.
  • Entirely focusing on more action elements and putting aside the investigative nature of the games. In their latest endeavors, Alone in The Dark: Illumination came out in 2015. Much to critics’ harsh negative claims and a restricted online-only base, the development quickly got dusted.

What’s new in this Alone in The Dark Remake?

monster killing in alone in the dark HORROR SURVIVAL GAME
Via Steam

In this reimagination of Alone in The Dark remake, the original story will be told again with minor changes but a lot of new dynamics. Advanced visuals and graphics are only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Just like the original, the upcoming Alone in The Dark remake takes players to the Derceto Manor in Louisiana in 1920. This time the target of the investigation is a countryside mental health clinic. You know, typical horror-survival game niche. Players will have two available protagonists – Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby.

The story’s variables and changes depend upon the character chosen

  • The story progresses differently on which character is chosen. The main goal is to learn about the disappearance and odd circumstances revolving around Jeremy.
  • Emily is Jeremy’s niece. If players select Edward, then it is shown that he was employed under Emily. The game involves a heavy puzzle-solving dynamic coupled with monster battles.

NPCs, Cutscenes, and more in the new Alone in The Dark Remake

Alone in the dark remake horror survival game
Snippets of Alone in the dark remake gameplay, via Steam

Manofmany reported that among the barrage of changes, few include varying reactions from NPCs. Among other obvious changes, one is more dynamic cut scenes and exploitability of spaces.

  1. Players will be able to wander into spots in maps that weren’t available in the original. Within the NPCs, one would find strange residents, nightmarish realms, and dangerous monsters.
  2. The official description also lets in on something uncovering within the shadows – a niche we have seen so many times it’s not surprising anymore. Yet reliving the same niche isn’t necessarily boring, many even fancy it.


Alone in the dark remake
Alone in the dark remake via Steam

The reason why the publisher of Alone in The Dark franchise Atari S A backed off was due to the horrid reception of Alone in The Dark Illumination. Ever since THQ Nordic’s acquisition of publishing rights, Swedish Studio Pieces Interactive was hired for developing the game.

If you have played Amnesia: The Dark Descent you would know of Mikael Hedberg, who will be writing the script for the game. American designer and comic book artist who has collaborated multiple times with Guillermo del Toro will be working on the monster designs. Davis’s previous works include  Pacific Rim (2013), Crimson Peak (2015) and The Shape of Water (2017).

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