Many of you might be hearing the name “Alter Army” for the first time. Well, Alter Army is an indie platformer where you shoot monsters and aliens. But, in outrageous anger and excitement.

The game sets in an unearthly planet where you fight through several monsters and aliens to reach a certain goal. Vague Pixels, the two-man studio behind the game, however, has not revealed any official story plot yet.

We don’t know where the game takes place, what is the ultimate goal or from where these weird monsters keeping popping up. What we know, is that the game is currently in its final stage of development.

I had a talk with Mridul Pancholi recently when he confirmed the same. Pancholi is the first member of the studio and is Alter Army’s core developer and programmer.

On inquiring about Alter Army’s update, Pancholi said, “Sadly the music is still not done, but the rest of the game is done. We added a lot of little things and polished the stuff as much as we could. So when the music gets completed and synced in the game, we will announce it.”

“It took much time”, he added with a stuck-out tongue emoji.

Vishwas, a freelance sound designer is working on the game’s music. As stated by Pancholi, there’s still time before Altery Army hits Steam. Until then, you can try out the demo to get a better taste of the game.

So, one thing’s certain. We don’t know when Alter Army is releasing. However, let’s hope for the best as we keep you updated.

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