American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals: Who is advancing to Stage 3? | When and Where to Watch Finale

American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals Stage 3

Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior has been a rollercoaster ride so far, and fans are pumped for the 2023 Finals. After some incredible athleticism and nail-biting competition, Stage 2 has finally come to an end, and an elite list of Ninjas are headed to Stage 3. With a $1 million prize at stake towards the grand finale, let’s take a look at who is advancing to Stage 3 in the American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals and learn more details, including when and where you can watch it.

What Happened To The Stage 2 Of ANW 2023?

The Ninjas participated in eight different obstacles on the first night of the American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals. This included Slide Surfer, Three Ring Circus, Giant Rollercoaster, Jumping Spider, The Gambler, Warped Wall, Dipping Birds, and Thread the Needle. 

All Ninjas had a time limit of 2 minutes and 50 seconds, with no room for error as they fought to make it to the next level. In Stage 2 of the Las Vegas Finals, the challenges kept getting more difficult while racing against the clock and competitors. 

Who Will Fight For The Crown As The Last Ninja Standing?

The challenges included Striding Steps, Double Salmon Ladder, Jawbreakers, Swing Surfer, Epic Air Surfer, and Falling Shelves. Only one winner from each match-up could advance to Stage 3 of the American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals. Here are the complete results!

  • Noah Meunier – Completed Course (01:14.52) vs. Alex Romer
  • Nacssa Garemore – Completed Course (01:18.33) vs. Jackson Twait
  • Caleb Bergstrom – Completed Course (01:24.89) vs. Kyle Soderman
  • Elijah Browning – Completed Course (01:32.27) vs. Kaden Lebsack
  • Hans Hertz – Completed Course (01:51.35) vs. Flip Rodriguez
  • RJ Roman – Completed Course (02:01.35) vs. Ben Behrends
  • Jera Boyd – Completed Course (02:10.23) vs. Joe Moravsky
  • Austin Gray – Completed Course (02:53.29) vs. Josiah Pippel

Never Miss Out On The Finale: Television and Online Details

The Last Ninja Standing will take home the coveted $1 million prize in the grand finale of American Ninja Warrior Season 15. Each new Finals episode airs on Mondays from 8 PM to 10 PM ET on NBC. The next Finals episode airs on September 11.

Peacock will stream the episodes the next day, in case you miss it live on TV. Other options include live streaming sites like Hulu with Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV.

More Information You Should Keep In Mind

American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals promises to be an exciting season. Hosted by Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabimila, along with co-host Zuri Hall, the show has become a cultural phenomenon in the world of reality TV.

For the uninitiated, the show’s premise revolves around athletes from all walks of life attempting to complete a series of physically demanding obstacle courses. As they push their bodies and minds to the limit, their ultimate goal is the million-dollar prize.

In order to win that and the prestigious title, participants must push through four stages of the national finals and become the Last Ninja Standing in American Ninja Warrior 2023 Finals. 

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