Frictional Games

Frictional Games, the Swedish indie studio behind the Amnesia games is close to finishing their brand new horror game. As the studio has reached the final stage of development, they’re now looking for a 3D Environment Artist.

Posting on their official blog, Frictional Games wrote, “After 3 years of hard work, we are now close to finishing one of our new games. We want it to look amazing, and to accomplish that we need more (hu)manpower.”

The job of the 3D artist will be to focus on environments and props for Frictional’s upcoming horror title. The job listing says, “Our ideal person loves horror, and is able to convey atmospheric environments and terrifying scenes through 3D art.”

The job is project-based and will last for about a year, until “the new game is ready to be shipped.”

For more details on what the ideal 3D environment artist will work on, and what Frictional Games is actually looking for, click here.

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