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Fans of ‘Among Us’ are overjoyed that their favorite game is coming to VR.

As a fan of The Among Us, I’m looking forward to seeing how the final game turns out. This will undoubtedly bring together all of the popular streamers once more for us to watch and make fun of. We can also play it with our friends and experience the all-new Among Us VR, which will be available later this year on Meta Quest 2, Rift and S, Steam VR, and PlayStation VR.

This VR version of Among Us, which was first revealed in 2018, appears as if it’ll fundamentally change the game’s dynamics. Instead of a top-down view, it switches to a first-person perspective. You’ll still be running around the level completing tasks, but you won’t be able to see if an impostor is following you.

Players in Among Us VR can choose to participate as a crewmate or an imposter, and the game can accommodate up to ten players at once. Players will practically point virtual fingers at one another when it comes to accusing suspected crew members.


Personally, I’m looking forward to watching streamers compete and play this game once more. While playing this game, a number of streamers grew even more popular. This game tested their ability to persuade and lie to other streamers in order to convince them to vote other participants out.

@Corpse_Husband is one of the streamers I consider to be one of the most entertaining Among Us players, and you can watch his earlier videos practically anywhere.

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