Things have been silent for a while on Amouranth’s end. However, it looks like she’s slowly making her way back to a consistent schedule. On October 15, she dropped a bombshell during one of her live streams, where she exposed her husband for abusive behavior. She revealed threatening text messages, along with damage in their home. They even argued online.

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It was the first time Amouranth mentioned anything close to a personal life outside her Twitch streams. Before the drama, she was best known for participating in the highly controversial hot tub streams. She’s been a streamer who tests what’s allowed in Twitch’s streaming policy.

The Latest Update

On November 20, Amouranth hosted a live stream showing her on a first date with Aaron. She also updated her status during a stream, telling how her now-separated husband is seeking help. However, she has seemingly decided to move on from the toxic relationship. During the live stream, the two went to a climbing gym and discussed each other’s interests.

Aaron was wkward with the encounter but became comfortable with appearing on stream. He works as a personal trainer and has done bodybuilding competitions. Anything serious here is unlikely, as Amouranth has just gotten out of a toxic relationship. Fans didn’t like the idea that Aaron was not a gamer, though he did mention God of War: Ragnarok.

For now, Amouranth’s been working on streaming and posting on OnlyFans. She’s also focused on streaming on Twitch, and her ASMR channel.

Her Streaming Future

Despite her status as one of the most popular female streamers, Amouranth has yet to land an exclusive deal with any streaming companies. She has numbers that rival Pokimane and Valkyrae, who both have had contracts with Twitch in the past. An exclusivity contract will mean higher guaranteed pay.

Aside from Only Fans, she’s only been getting offers for streaming on more adult-themed websites. However, she isn’t intent on signing up for those. She believes she has no contracts from YouTube and Twitch because of her particular streaming style. They may feel that giving her a contract would communicate the wrong things to their audience.

She does not plan on stopping her streams, given that it’s been a significant source of wealth. In the past, she mentioned that her controlling husband was placing a barrier to her finances. Since then, she’s had more freedom for herself.

We’ll likely see more streams of dates with Amouranth in the meantime. It depends on how supportive viewers are of the content.

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