Andrew Lloyd Webber’s heartbreaking loss of his son: Here’s how Nicholas Lloyd died

Andrew Lloyd Webber shared on Twitter that his eldest son, Nicholas Lloyd, has passed away at the age of 43 due to gastric cancer.

  • Nicholas was a successful composer like his father and was surrounded by his family at Basingstoke hospital in Hampshire when he passed.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber had previously shared that his son was critically ill with gastric cancer, a type of cancer that develops from abnormal growth of cells in the stomach lining. The composer expressed his deep grief and devastation at the loss of his beloved son.

How did Nicholas Lloyd Webber, son of Andrew Lloyd die?

  • In a statement emailed by a representative, the 75-year-old composer Andrew Lloyd Webber expressed the deep grief of his entire family over the passing of his son Nicholas. He thanked everyone for their thoughts during this difficult time.
  • Nicholas passed away at a hospital in Basingstoke, a town in south-central England, and his father was by his side along with other loved ones, causing him to miss the Broadway opening of his musical Bad Cinderella on Thursday.
Andrew Lloyd Webber Son death
Andrew with his son Nicholas, retrieved via Andrew’s Twitter account

Due to my son’s hospitalization, I have been unable to attend the recent previews of Bad Cinderella and, as it stands, I will not be present to support the show’s cast, crew, and orchestra on opening night this Thursday,” stated Webber previously prior to the days following his Nicholas Lloyd’s death.

About Andrew Lloyd Webber’s son Nicholas

Nicholas, who was a successful composer like his father, was best known for his work on BBC One’s “Love, Lies and Records,” based on the book “The Little Prince.” He also contributed to his father’s 2021 musical “Cinderella,” which earned a Grammy nomination for best musical theater album.

Nicholas was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s son with his first wife, Sarah Hugill, who is also the mother of his older sister Imogen. The renowned composer has four other children as well.

  • Nicholas Lloyd Webber, the composer’s son, collaborated with James D Reid to score the BBC One drama Love, Lies, and Records, as well as a theatrical and symphonic adaptation of the novel The Little Prince in 2009.
  • In 2017, he contributed to Fat Friends: The Musical. The Little Prince premiered at Belfast’s Lyric Theatre, while Fat Friends embarked on a major tour.

Andrew Lloyd Webber on his absence at the opening of Bad Cinderella

Nicholas Lloyd cause of death
Image courtesy of shutterstock

The renowned impresario of musical theatre, who boasts an impressive array of awards including three Grammys, four Tony Awards, and an Academy Award, was unable to attend the opening of Bad Cinderella at New York’s Imperial Theatre because of his son’s hospitalization.

  • Bad Cinderella is a revamped version of the London West End production of Cinderella, featuring new songs, lead actors, and title inspired by a key song in the show.


Previously during the weeks, Webber provided an update on his son’s battle with gastric cancer, describing it as ghastly. In a message posted on Thursday night, he began by expressing his gratitude for the overwhelming support messages he received for his son, Nick. He added that Nick had been moved to a hospice and was fighting through his illness.

We believe that he has overcome the worst of his first bout of pneumonia, which resulted from his cancer, which is just ghastly,” Webber wrote. “However, we are all here for him, and our family has gathered around him. I believe it’s the right place for us all to be.

Although as history has witnessed it, the worst was yet to come. We wish Andrew and his family the best of our condolences.

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