Andrew Tate Jake Paul tweet fight

The word “controversy” must be Andrew Tate’s middle name. The infamous boxer-turned-entrepreneur took a dig at YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul on Twitter. The new tweet has ignited rumors of an upcoming boxing fight between the two media personalities. Things have never been smooth between Tate and the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan. Read to find how Andrew Tate mocked Jake Paul in his recent tweet and what followed.

Andrew Tate’s tweet 

  • To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at Jake Paul’s tweet first to understand how it all started. Jake Paul posted this “training” video on Twitter with a caption about keeping his reflexes sharp.

  • The 17-second clip features Jake Paul punching and training with a bouncy object shaped like male genitalia. As of now, the clip has over 67 million views and 110K likes.
  • Andrew Tate retweeted this clip on his Twitter account with a cheeky comment that read, “Jake finally fought KSI.” A true mic-drop moment for his followers.
  • Interestingly, Tate’s retweet has twice the number of likes as Jake Paul’s original video.

Tate vs Jake and Logan Paul

  • The tweet mocking Jake Paul is just the first of many unpleasant interactions between him and Andrew Tate. Tate’s controversy with Jake’s brother Logan Paul broke out after his cryptozoo NFT scam.
  • In November, Jake Paul posted a video of him and Andrew Tate locking eyes which sparked speculations of a fight in 2023. 

  • Tate also called Logan Paul “a performing clown” in a YouTube video. A few days earlier, Logan had called for Andrew Tate’s suspension on Twitter after his misogynistic comments.

  • At the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Deji Olatunji bout in Dubai, Andrew Tate and Jake Paul faced off against each other next to the ring. This clip went viral too.

A possible fight?

  • All clues point to one answer: there is an Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul boxing fight in the offing. 
  • The odds are in favor of Jake Paul who is currently undefeated at 6-0. He is fresh off an impressive victory against Anderson Silva in November.
Jake Paul fights Anderson Silva
Image courtesy of Getty Images via CBS Sports
  • Andrew Tate’s last fight was in December 2020 which gives Jake Paul an edge. However, Tate is far superior as a kickboxer and his experience dates back to 2007.

With each new tweet, Twitter users have grabbed their popcorn buckets to watch the social media beef intensify between the two outspoken boxers. However, there is no official word of confirmation on whether Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul is going to happen in 2023 or later. Who do you think will win?

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