Animal Crossing received its latest update yesterday which added Cloud Saves and a new feature – Dream Suite, into the game. Here is all you need to know about the latest feature.

What is Dream Suite?

Dream Suite is a new feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons that allows players to visit their friend’s islands in their dreams, that is while they’re sleeping. While sleeping, Luna will appear in their dream and it will them to visit a dream-version of someone else’s island.

What are Dream Address Codes?

Dream Address Codes are the codes that you can use to visit other people’s islands in the game.

How is it different from multiplayer?

Many players reported that other players stole stuff from their island when they invited them over. Dream Suite tackles this issue by creating a dream version of the island which will be identical to your island, but your own island will remain unchanged. This allows your friends to freely explore the island without being able to take anything from it.

Do you need Nintendo Online Subscription?

Yes, you need to be subscribed to visit other’s islands or invite your friends to your island via Dream Suite.