Animal Crossing New Horizons
Courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has crossed over 5 million copies sold in retail in Japan. This is a huge achievement as New Horizons has become the first-ever Nintendo Switch game to reach the 5 million mark.

If you combine Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ physical and digital sales, the game has sold tremendously well. In the last week alone, the game sold an additional 70,000 retail copies, just in Japan. For the fact, the game is wildly popular worldwide.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has achieved all that in just over three months from its release. In fact, here are all the articles we wrote around Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ sales alone –

And there’s more.

The game won’t stop anytime soon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already on the Top 10 Best-Selling Games list in Japan. If you combine digital sales, the game is probably around the 5th position. We’ll let you know when that piece of information has been confirmed.

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