K-pop idols constantly spice up things as they join forces with international artists for new songs. K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN featured singer Anne-Marie in their song ‘_WORLD’. And the cat’s out in the bag once again for Anne-Marie as she’s in a collaboration with (G)I-DLE’s MINNIE for an upcoming track entitled ‘Expectations’. Here’s what we know so far, and would it be possible for a new album to come?

Anne-Marie and MINNIE’s ‘Expectations’

On February 21, 2023, a not-so-subtle announcement from (G)I-DLE and Warner Music Korea surprised NEVERLANDs (IDLE’s fandom). At 7 P.M. KST, on the said date, a teaser from both social media accounts introduced the coming collaboration.


  • Both the group’s official account and Warner Music Korea posted another teaser poster the next day, February 22. The cat is literally out of the bag as the single-track art includes a cute feline in the middle.
  • Moreover, with a more detailed look into the track cover art, we can see how it resembles a journal entry. The cover art was designed with hearts and stars which give off a playful yet tender song possibility. Peek at the track’s title ‘Expectations’ on the border of the cat, and of course, Anne-Marie and (G)I-DLE MINNIE’s names on the cover art too!
Anne-Marie and (G)I-DLE MINNIE, expectations collaboration
Image Courtesy of (G)I-DLE via Twitter (@G_I_DLE)
  • Oh, can we expect to hear some explicit words in the song? The track art includes a phrase, “fxxx your”, which would complete a thought along with the Expectations title.

Is an album coming?

If you’re hoping for an album, unfortunately, this one isn’t it. The collaboration of the two artists remains as a solo track.

Anne-Marie MINNIE, expectations solo track
Image Courtesy of Anne-Marie via Twitter (@AnneMarie)
  • Well, if ever Anne-Marie drops a new album, this track should be a great addition to it. Let’s wait for any news soon (hopefully!)
  • As for (G)I-DLE, we hope we can hear an album announcement soon. After the huge success of their recent album releases, ‘I LOVE‘ and Nxde’, fans just can’t wait for what awaits the girl group!

Expectations’ Release date

Right, before we missed this information, can March come by faster? Expect the Expectations to arrive on March 9, 2023, at 6 P.M. KST.

  • By the cover art itself, we’ll probably hear some fun, quirky tunes with this cat-like collaboration. This collab stirs a lot of exciting comments from NEVERLANDs and even just casual listeners of both artists!
  • Additionally, among all K-pop idols, (G)I-DLE’s MINNIE has been one of the favorites in covering English songs. The Thai-born idol released a cover of Bruno Major’s Nothing last year. She also showcased her vocals in Lee Mujin’s Service on YouTube, you can watch that below!

Anne-Marie and K-pop

Anne-Marie isn’t new to K-pop, and everyone probably knows that. She first collaborated with SVT, making this her second collab with another K-pop artist.

  • The British singer also mentions her interest in collaborating with Girls Generation’s leader and soloist TAEYEON. If ever this sees the light of day, it would probably bring fandoms into another craze.
  • Significantly, Anne-Marie even guested in Dingo, one of South Korea’s YouTube channels that showcases the vocal powers of their guests. The British singer sang several of her songs including ‘2002’ and ‘FRIENDS’.

This Anne-Marie and (G)I-DLE’s MINNIE just confirms that music does break all boundaries, so we’ll prepare ourselves to hear ‘Expectations’ soon!

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