On November 29th, BioWare confirmed they will showcase a new Anthem trailer at The Game Awards this Thursday. However, there were no details on what it’d unveil. Earlier today, Geoff Keighley, the man behind The Game Awards, detailed about the contents of the new trailer and said, “the trailer is really good”.

Answering a question from Anthem Insider, Geoff talked about the new Anthem trailer in a short video clip. He said, “[the trailer] gets really into the story and the characters”.

“There’s a really cool kinda production element around what we’re doing with Anthem”, Geoff added.

BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson will be live on stage with Geoff during the Anthem presentation. Also for the fact, the jury votings for The Game Awards 2018 have ended and it’d be fair to say that the winners are locked and loaded. I had an ephemeral conversation with Geoff and he confirmed the same. The show is planned to flatter gamers across the world, woo and prepare them for Gaming in 2019.

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